Thursday, 22 June 2017
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FBI never contacted Wasserman Schultz after DNC breach, former chairwoman claims

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The former chair of the Democratic National Committee said Wednesday that the FBI never contacted her after Russian hackers breached the DNC's computer networks prior to last year's presidential race.
"At no point during my tenure at the DNC did anyone from the FBI or any other government agency contact ...


Supreme Court limits ability to strip citizenship

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The Supreme Court has limited the government's ability to strip an immigrant of U.S. citizenship for lying during the naturalization process


UFO Disabled 10 Nuclear-Armed ICBMs In Silos, U.S. Government Covered-Up Alien Attack, Ex-Serviceman Claims

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In December of 1966, Captain David D. Schindele, a Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch crew commander at the Minot Air Force Base, claimed that he witnessed a saucer-shaped UFO flying over the air base and disabling all 10 nuclear warhead-equipped ICBMs in his charge.
Schindele, who was stationed at Minot AFB near Mohall, North Dakota, from July 1965 to May 1968, claimed that senior Air Force officials were aware of the UFO incident but warned him to never to speak about it. They urged him to erase the incident from his memory like it never happened. However, information about the UFO sighting was leaked to the local media, and on December 6, 1966, the local newspaper, the Minot Daily News, published a story on its front page about UFO sightings in the area and at the launch facility, under the headline, "Minot Launch Control Center ‘Saucer' Cited As One Indication of Outer Space Visitors."


Macron orders French officials to show more humanity to migrants

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France has instructed local officials to show more humanity toward migrants, the government spokesman said on Thursday, after a human rights watchdog said it bore responsibility for the inhuman conditions migrants face in the Calais region.


Crime in Mexico: Murder Rate Reaches Record High and Nobody Is Talking About It

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reveal that one person was murdered every twenty minutes in Mexico in May, the highest monthly murder rate recorded in 20 years. The data released Wednesday documented 2,452 murder investigations in May, almost a third higher than the same time last year and the highest recorded murder rate for any month dating back to 1997, when government tracking began. Areas that are heavily disputed between rival drug cartels have higher murder rates:...

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Approximately 600 buildings in England could be fitted with 'combustible' panels

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Some 600 buildings in England could have been fitted with flammable external panels like the ones believed to have contributed to a fire that killed at least 79 people in a west London apartment building, Prime Minister Theresa May's Downing Street office said.
Government facilities testing cladding...


Single parents win benefits cap High Court challenge

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The judge in the case says the cap causes "real misery", but the government intends to appeal.


Kenya's schoolgirls to get free sanitary pads from government

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Many Kenyan girls end up missing school because sanitary protection is too expensive.


How the government can read your email

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It's a provision called Section 702, it's not as limited as supporters say—and this year Congress has a chance to scale it back.


Lawmaker rejoins Finland's nationalists, whittling away government majority

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Prime Minister Juha Sipila ejected the nationalists from his three-party coalition and continued with the more moderate group of 20 parliamentarians, called the "New Alternative".


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