Tuesday, 23 April 2019
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Two Google employees say the company retaliated after they organized a walkout

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The alleged retaliation, which Google denies took place, follows the worldwide walkout by employees in November.

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Google I/O: From Android to Assistant, here's what to expect

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The search giant has tons in store as it sets itself up for the rest of the year.

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Save 50% on a Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL

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Huge savings when you buy Google's flagship and activate it on Google Fi.

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Are Tensions Thawing Between Amazon and Google?

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There's a reason the tech titans are cozying up to each other.

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Businesses are betting on clean energy

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Led by tech giants like Google and Apple, companies are pouring resources into clean energy -- and changing the market.

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Google announces video game streaming service to let you play anywhere

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Google announces a streaming service that will allow people to play video games in 4K in their browser – provided they have a good internet connection

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Google says it can't fix a security flaw affecting all computer chips

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A critical security flaw called Spectre affecting nearly every computer is here to stay. According to Google there isn’t any software that can fix it

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Here's 7 Ways PS5 Can Improve on the PS4

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It's been quite the week for Sony as they gave an exclusive to Wired detailing some of the things we can expect from the next generation of PlayStation consoles. While Sony hasn't confirmed that it will indeed be the PlayStation 5, it would be incredibly strange of them not to stick to the current naming convention. Of course, they could always pull a Microsoft and dub the next one the PlayStation one. It's not like that would be confusing at all for poor old Google. Lead Architect Marc Cerny has already revealed some of the new tech and the lofty aspirations of the new console, with mentions of Backwards Compatibility, 8K graphics, compatibility with the existing PlayStation VR headset and more. So now it seems like a good time to pen a little wishlist of what else gamers want. So, here are 7 things many think the Play5tation should have, which could ensure Sony builds on the incredible success of the PS4.

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Google Assistant Goes to Work for Nvidia's Shield TV

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Nvidia on Thursday announced that its Shield TV now includes Google Assistant as part of its Shield Experience Upgrade 6.0 update. The update also lets the Shield device work as a SmartThings Hub when paired with a SmartThinks Link. The SmartThings Link, which can be used to connect Shield TV as a SmartThings Hub, will be released in the coming months with a promotional launch price of $14.99.

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PS5 and Not Google Stadia or Microsoft's Project xCloud Is the Future of Gaming. Heres Why.

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Gadgets 360 says: "What the PS5 tells us about the future of gaming, Google Stadia, and Microsoft's Project xCloud."

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