Sunday, 30 April 2017
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UFO Hunter Discovers Tunnel On The Moon? Photo From Apollo 15 Goes Viral

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A picture taken of the moon's surface decades ago by Apollo 15 has gone under the microscope recently, and it appears to have an artificial structure protruding from the surface. A UFO hunter has deemed this structure a possible entrance to an underground passageway.
This armchair explorer suggests that this structure might have been built by some alien culture. Fox & Friends Weekend showed this picture and reported on what this UFO hunter believes he sees in this image during their Saturday morning show. This picture has piqued the interest of UFO enthusiasts today.
Tyler Glockner is the founder of a UFO hunting website called, Secure Team 10. He studies the different clips and pictures released by NASA, as well as images of the Earth available from Google Earth. NASA's images include many of Mars, the moon, asteroids, and all of the dark space in between where their journeys have taken them so far.


Google's head of Pixel smartphone division leaves after six months

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After David Foster's departure, Google still plans to release at least two new Pixel smartphones this fall, according to rumors.


Visit Over 2,500 Museums Worldwide From Your Desk With Google Arts & Culture

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Technology giant , through the Google Arts & Culture project, is offering a different experience in terms of culture. In addition to providing thousands of online exhibits, the project offers the possibility to explore more than 2,500 museums through a feature very similar to Google Street View. Users can virtually visit museums all over the world, the project offers 360° views of places that can often be inaccessible due to financial costs or distance.


Would you leave your Amazon Echo or Google Home for an Apple smart speaker? (Extra Crunchy, Ep. 82) video

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Apple's working on an Echo-like smart speaker of its own. Apple is testing its autonomous vehicle platform, and it also wants in on peer-to-peer payments with Apple Pay.

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Alphabet paid Google CEO Sundar Pichai $200M in 2016

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai (soon-DAHR pee-CHAY) received a $200 million compensation package last year for running the internet company that makes nearly all the money for Alphabet Inc.

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Google CEO made nearly $200 million last year

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Apparently the C in Alphabet stands for crazy cash.

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Google CEO made nearly $200 million

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai received nearly $199.7 million in compensation last year, double the amount he made in 2015, according to a filing Friday from Google's parent company, Alphabet.

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Analysis: Google fails to stop slide in ad value

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Lower revenues per ad means Google has to show larger numbers of less effective adverts to web users

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Google's Chrome will soon start warning you more about HTTP pages

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A Google effort to push websites to implement encryption is expanding. Starting in October, the company will roll out new warnings to flag HTTP connections as insecure in its Chrome browser.
For users, it means Chrome will display the words “not secure” in the browser’s address bar whenever they type any data into web pages that connect over HTTP.
However, for users who like to browse through Chrome’s privacy-enhancing , the warnings will appear by default on all HTTP pages visited, not only when the user enters information onto the page.

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