Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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Google's job hunting service comes to UK

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Google's centralised job hunt services signs up most individual sites with one major exception.

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DeepMind AI takes IQ tests to probe its ability for abstract thought

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AIs that can match humans at abstract reasoning would be very useful, but testing them is difficult. Now Google DeepMind says it has a solution

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Why memes are the latest casualty in EU’s war on Silicon Valley

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The European Union is attempting to stand up to the might of Google, Facebook and Twitter with a new copyright law, but it could just kill off memes

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Brand 10 Things You Need to Know for Wednesday June 27

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Google rebrands AdWords, Burger King + Budweiser, Avon touts "fast beauty" and more

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Apple, Google cashed in on Pizzagate-offshoot conspiracy app

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One of the App Store's top entertainment apps pushed a conspiracy theory about a child sex ring and a Trump secret police force.

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Google Assistant Goes to Work for Nvidia's Shield TV

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Nvidia on Thursday announced that its Shield TV now includes Google Assistant as part of its Shield Experience Upgrade 6.0 update. The update also lets the Shield device work as a SmartThings Hub when paired with a SmartThinks Link. The SmartThings Link, which can be used to connect Shield TV as a SmartThings Hub, will be released in the coming months with a promotional launch price of $14.99.

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Sony's Foolish Failure to Learn From Microsoft's Mistake

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Microsoft has learned a lot of very hard lessons over the last couple of decades, and it continues to surprise and annoy me that other firms seem to have the suicidal tendency to learn the same lessons the hard way. It is far better and cheaper to avoid the mistakes of others, but firms like Apple, Google and, most recently, Sony seem to want to experience past Microsoft disasters first hand.

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Has Google Become a National Threat?

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The idea that Google might be becoming a national threat is what struck me when I read a column by Zephyr Teachout, a law professor at Fordham University. She makes a compelling argument that Google has reached a point where it no longer allows dissent outside the company -- though, given the recent firing of a Google engineer, that may be true inside the firm as well.

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