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When Quantum Computers Come, They May Speak Microsoft

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Microsoft has been working on a language for a computer that doesn't exist. The company unveiled the language -- as yet unnamed -- at its Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida. Part of its Visual Studio product, it will run on a quantum simulator and quantum computer. "Quantum computing is the next phase in computing," said Jack E. Gold, principal analyst at J.Gold Associates.


NYT Sticks It to Progressives in NY's Democratic Primary

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The editorial board's backing of Dan Goldman, Jerry Nadler, and Sean Patrick Maloney for Congress also shows a disdain for identity politics.

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South African Man Horrified To Discover A Giant Nursery Web Spider Devouring His Pet Goldfish

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resident Jérémy Schalkwijk and his new girlfriend, Athina Yalias, received quite the shock when they walked near his pond and discovered a giant nursery web spider sinking its teeth into Jérémy's pet goldfish, Cleo, reports .
Jérémy, who happens to be a tour guide, managed to whip out his camera just in time to watch the bizarre incident take place. It was too late to save Cleo, but he took several pictures of the spider in the midst of its attack. Not only did it yank Cleo out of the pond, but it also dragged the helpless fish upwards along a concrete wall. The fish was almost two times the size of the spider. Both Jérémy and Athina were shocked by what they witnessed.
The incident occurred in Barberton, South Africa. Athina and the 33-year-old tour guide were on their second date."When we came back out both animals were nowhere to be found. We have a pond with goldfish and I just wanted to show her the fish, then I saw this. I could see the spider catching the fish and it had taken it out of the water."What surprised Jérémy the most was the spider's flexibility since it carted the sizable fish up a wall with no branches or anything else to balance its weight. According to him, his girlfriend wasn't scared so much as she was impressed. He told reporters that she "isn't a real bush woman" and therefore not used to seeing strange animal encounters like the one mentioned above.
People on social media were fascinated by the . Some folks thought the goldfish's owner acted rather cruelly since he abandoned his pet to the predator so he could grab a camera. However, others pointed out that there was likely little he could have done to prevent the inevitable once the spider got its fangs into poor Cleo. It likely injected the fish immediately and from that point, it would have died regardless of what Jérémy did.
Other users joked that the spider was simply saving a goldfish from drowning.
"And this is why every spider needs to die! God I hate them things," wrote one person.
"[T]he way it was written i thought the dude was eating the pet goldfish for dinner and the spider took it off the plate," said a second confused user.
"Apparently, spiders like sushi too," teased a third person.

Zimbabwe hails gold coin success and wants to issue more

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Another gold coin is to be rolled out as currency, this time worth $180, the central bank says.

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Golden Knights' Robin Lehner needs hip surgery, will miss upcoming season

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Golden Knights goalie Robin Lehner will miss the upcoming season due to upcoming hip surgery. Lehner went 23-17-2 last year in 44 games played.

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Chess Olympiad 2022: Meet the Indian women who made chess history

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The Indian women's team hoped for a Chess Olympiad gold, but won a bronze - they still made history.

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Gold Coast Villa / AD ARCHITECTURE

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Background. The project is a villa located in the coastal city of . The local fruit and vegetable market is always bustling from 1 am to 5 am. While most people are sleeping soundly, the villa's owners are busy in the market, living a life upside down day and night. For this project, AD ARCHITECTURE intended to create a healing "harbor", a cozy home full of love. The home is expected to slow down the fast-paced life of the family, and to be a container of cheers and laughter. At the moment when the owners open the door, their tiredness will be suddenly relieved.

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Legal Battle between Marlon Blackwell Architects and HBG Design Ignites the Debate of Architectural Intellectual Property

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Following two years of legal disputes, 2020 AIA Gold Medalist and . The award-winning firm claimed that it was responsible for the design of the Saracen Casino in Pine Bluff, , however, HBG Design, a Memphis design firm who Blackwell brought into the project as architect-of-record was taking credit for it instead. After performing extensive design work from 2017 to March 2019 then being abruptly fired from the project, MBA sued HBG for "copyright infringement, attribution, tortious interference, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment".

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Toni Minichiello, former coach of Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill, handed lifetime ban by UK Athletics for alleged sexually inappropriate conduct

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Toni Minichiello, the athletics coach known for helping Jessica Ennis-Hill to gold at the 2012 London Olympics, was handed a lifetime ban by UK Athletics on Tuesday for repeated instances of alleged sexually inappropriate conduct, emotional abuse and bullying.

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On this day in history, August 9, 1936, Jesse Owens wins fourth gold at Berlin Olympics

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Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal of the Berlin Olympics on August 9, 1936, running the first leg for the U.S.A.'s record-setting 4x100 relay team.

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