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Teen couple accused of killing girl's father allegedly planned to run away together

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Aaron Guerrero, 18, and a 16-year-old girl were arrested in Salt Lake City after they were stopped for failing to pay a light rail transit fare.

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R. Kelly's Chicago Recording Studio and Alleged 'Sex Cult' Den Visited by Cops

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Cops paid a visit to R. Kelly's recording studio in Chicago, which has been featured on Lifetime's docuseries as an alleged "sex cult" base where the singer held girls captive. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers dropped by Kelly's...


Chinese Camgirl Arrested, Sentenced To Four Years For Live Streaming Sex

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A Chinese camgirl has been sentenced to four years in prison after live streaming sex sessions and sharing adult videos of herself.
Sherry Gun, 21, was arrested for her adult video entitled "Foursome in Chengdu," which she live streamed in hopes of money and fame. Gun, whose real name is Lin, previously worked as a sales associate in Chengdu, but quit her job to pursue a full-time career as a live streaming camgirl, reports . Prior to her arrest, Lin managed to rack up 400,000 followers across all her social media accounts and has reported having made 75,000 yuan ($10,830) for 31 adult videos, which are said to be "perverse" and "obscene" in nature.
Line's live streaming adult chats usually involve her talking and teasing her fans while stripping and performing solo sex acts. According to Chinese Criminal Law, any person who "produces, duplicates, publishes, sells, or disseminates pornographic materials" is subjected to fix-term imprisonment. The usual term is less than three years, but Lin's case is being deemed as a "serious case." She was arrested inside her home back in May along with three of her accomplices and she was fined 100,000 yuan ($14,452).
A Chinese camgirl was recognized for her "obscene" live streaming videos. [Image by Axel Bueckert/]
Some camgirls try to keep their shows PG-13, by only stripping, posing provocatively, and performing solo sexual acts in order to attract more followers and money. Back in July, another young woman managed to attract 100,000 followers by dancing seductively next to her toilet before her live streaming session was removed. China has since cracked down on adult content this year, including a ban on .
China's largest adult site creator was sentenced to live in prison back in 2005. Aside from camgirls making money, the increasing popularity in live streaming also includes people doing random stuff like talking on camera, eating, and playing video games with their online friends. Earlier this month, an amateur model was by Shanghai police for pretending to take drugs on his live stream chat session.
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Walmart Sex Tape: Couple Records Explicit Video In Store's Toy Aisle, Then Uploads Footage To The Internet

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A Walmart sex tape has gone viral, with the controversial footage showing a couple allegedly having sex inside the toy aisle of a store.
The exact details of the video aren't clear --- including where or when it was filmed --- but it has made the rounds on the internet early this week, prompting anger and disgust from those who have commented on it.
In the video, the couple reportedly stands alone in an empty aisle before starting to have sex. As noted, the man appeared to look out several times to make sure the coast was clear before continuing the act. In all, the Walmart sex tape lasted about two minutes, the outlet noted.
As the report noted, the Walmart sex tape wasn't leaked to the internet --- it was released quite intentionally.
"This couple actually uploaded the footage to the internet themselves, because that's what you do nowadays," the report noted. "But hey, good thing the woman was wearing what barely qualify as shorts, as it made it easier on this classy dude."
[Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
There are still plenty of questions about the explicit video, including the biggest question of why anyone would want to do something like that inside a children's aisle. But the location of the video is still unknown, as is the exact store. And while it has been identified as Walmart in news reports, the tall shelves and plastic-wrapped boxes look like something more commonly seen in a warehouse club store like Costco or Sam's Club.
The Walmart sex tape is not the only bit of misbehavior in the retail giant making headlines. A few weeks ago, a man inside a Houston-area Walmart store was investigated by local police after he was seen dragging his young daughter through the store by her hair. Witnesses snapped pictures of the very public act of abuse, which the man reportedly continued throughout his shopping trip.
Reports indicated that the man was attempting to punish his children for misbehaving.
"His three children including the 5-year-old girl, had been disruptive in the store, and that holding her by the hair was his method of disciplining her," the Houston Chronicle.
The story went viral after a fellow shopper snapped pictures of the Walmart hair-pulling incident and uploaded them to along with a story of how police at the scene allowed the man and his children to go free.
As witness Erika Burch noted in her post, the young girl was pleading with her father to stop the punishment."Me and Robert are in Walmart in Cleveland Texas getting lunchables for our babies for school. Robert said "Do you see what that guy is doing to that little girl?" I turned around to this this pos dragging this little girl by the hair of her head!! He had her hair wrapped around the buggy dragging her! She is begging him to stop! She was saying 'please stop,I promise I won't do it again please stop!' I took my phone out snapped pictures and then told him to let the little girls hair go! He told me to mind my own business! I said 'No I'm not! Right now this little girl is my business and you need to let her hair go now!…"There could be some consequences for the still-unidentified couple in the Walmart sex tape as well. As Dude Comedy reported (via ), the pair have been banned from the store. It is not clear if they are being investigated by police.
Anyone curious to see the Walmart sex tape can see some (censored) images at , though the full video is not available there.
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Chiefs' 'prayers focused' on recovery of 5-year-old victim in Britt Reid crash, team says

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The Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday released a statement about the charges former coach Britt Reid is facing from a crash in February that left a 5-year-old girl with brain damage.

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Charges against ex-Chiefs coach Britt Reid not 'fair or harsh enough,' cousin of crash victim says

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Britt Reid was charged with DWI from a crash that left a 5-year-old girl with a brain injury in February, but the child’s family said Monday it isn't enough.

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Can DJ Get the Girl With a Unicorn in Sunglasses? Young Rock Shoots for a 2nd Chance in Sneak Peek

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Young RockSometimes, all a girl wants is an animal wearing sunglasses. Most girls are also big fans of not being bailed on, but if a person happens to bail on a girl, the best apology gift might...

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The CW Just Revealed an Actual First Look at the Live-Action Powerpuff Girls

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The Powerpuff GirlsWe should have known those Powerpuff Girls pictures weren't telling the whole story. Last week, several pics emerged from the set of the CW's live action reboot of The Powerpuff...

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Ex-Chiefs coach Britt Reid charged in February crash that left 5-year-old girl with brain injury

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Britt Reid, a former Kansas City Chiefs coach and son of Andy Reid, was charged in a crash in Missouri that left a 5-year-old girl with a brain injury in February a day before the team left for Super Bowl LV.

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From: https: California fires: firefighters work to contain two of the largest blazes as 7,000 others burn – as it happened

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  • LNU Lightning Complex and SCU Lightning Complex fires partially contained
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Kari Paul here in Oakland, signing off for the day. Here are the top stories of the afternoon regarding the historic fires in California.

Because it is late in the day and the news is extra depressing lately, here is a picture of a Turkey Vulture inadvertently captured by a fire camera.

Santa Ynez bird

Officials have released a preliminary assessment map of damage caused by the CZU Lightning fire, which is extensive. Red areas on the map are “destroyed”, or have at least 50% of the area damaged by fires.

JUST IN: Santa Cruz County just released preliminary damage map.
Red & black signifies "destroyed."

Time to get our asses handed to us.

Outside Magazine has published a from someone whose home located in the woods north of Santa Cruz was incinerated by the CZU Lightning Complex Fires.
The letter is authored by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols and is addressed to his daughter.
We built your home around you when you were still inside your mother.
We built it stronger and more sturdy than it needed to be. I thought a lot about every piece of wood and stone. Every knob and switch. We filled it with our books, musical instruments, and interesting animal bones. I imagined you looking down after a bath through the railing upstairs.

For more context into the dry, hot conditions that preceded the massive wildfires in California: July 2020 was the second warmest month on record, globally.

July 2020 was another scorching month globally, tying as second warmest on record. The record or near record global heat in these monthly reports are starting to sound like a broken record.

Smoke from the California wildfires has expanded, floating across the United States all the way to the East Coast. And it looks, as one journalist noted, like Big Foot.

Looks like California smoke is Big Footing the country.

The SCU Lightning Complex fire, the largest of several fires currently blazing across the state and the second largest wildfire in California history, is now 15% contained, officials from Cal Fire said in a press conference on Tuesday.
Some 363,772 acres of land have been burnt by the fire and 18 structures have been destroyed. There but five confirmed injuries of civilians and fire personnel.

Strike teams and firefighters from nine states are assisting California fire personnel in fighting historic statewide wildfires. Thank you to all of the mutual aid for protecting our state.

Some 600 goats have been successfully evacuated from Santa Clara County to escape the Coyote Fire, ABC7 reported on Tuesday.

The local Boys & Girls Club of St Helena and Calistoga near the wildfires is asking for donations to help those affected by the fires. They are accepting money, gift cards, meals, water and PPE to deliver to families who have evacuated and are camping.

DONATIONS NEEDED. The Boys & Girls Club of St. Helena & Calistoga is helping families evacuated by . Accepting donations of $$, gift cards, restaurant meals, water, PPE to deliver families camping and car camping. Contact or 707-280-1257. PLZ RT! TY!

Fires in California have now charred 1.25m acres since 15 August when lightning strikes ignited blazes across the state, according to the latest numbers from Cal Fire.
The areas have now reached the size of Delaware. These “megafires” could burn for weeks, Cal Fire officials warned.

The latest numbers on the Aug. Lightning Siege that has charred 1.25 million acres since Aug. 15. We are grateful to the over 14,000 firefighters that continue to battle these intense wildfires.

The combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and wildfires in California have created a uniquely difficult situation, top health official Mark Ghaly said on Tuesday.

California's top health official, Dr. Mark Ghaly, on wildfires amid the pandemic: "This is indeed a difficult time in California. We knew something like this would come...but the reality of it is challenging for so many Californians."

Cal Fire teams are in Felton, California, clearing brush from forests and paths as the CZU Lightning Complex approaches the area.

Cal Fire strike team near Felton clearing brush for a fire break as flames head towards them down the road. CAL FIRE ABC10

Children with homemade posters lined the streets in Pleasanton to thank firefighters for their efforts, according to a video shared with local news station KRON4.

THANK YOU ❤️: Pleasanton community comes out to cheer on the thousands of firefighters who are stationed at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.
Thanks to Tiffany Shunn for sharing!

In a press conference Tuesday morning, officials from the Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit of Cal Fire (the California department of forestry and fire protection) shared that they have made significant progress in addressing the LNU Lightning Complex in the last 48 hours.
Officials attributed this progress to better weather and an increase in resources over the last five days. Monday and Tuesday saw calmer winds and cooler temperatures, and clearer air on Monday afternoon allowed aircrafts to carry out firefighting efforts. Planes and helicopters are often grounded when the air is too smoke-filled, the official said.

Smoke alerts have been issued to several California counties as wildfires continue to affect air quality across the state.
The California department of public health and the office of Governor Gavin Newsom all Californians to stay indoors when possible, with windows and doors closed.

Wonder where animals go in a wildfire? Read San Francisco Chronicle story to find out.
A “vast network” of animal sanctuaries and rescue groups has formed over many years of California wildfires to get animals evacuated safely when fires begin nearing.

Weather continues to play a major role in firefighting as historic blazes rage on in California.
Firefighters say good weather on Monday helped them to make progress fighting the blazes. But storms brewing on the border of Northeast California and Northwest Nevada threaten to spark more fires on Tuesday.

A line of thunderstorms have developed south from Truckee north to the Black Rock Desert.
Primary threats associated with these storms are:
* Dry lightning with potential for new fire ignitions
* Winds in excess of 30 mph
* Blowing dust

Aerial footage from NBC Los Angeles shows the devastation in Santa Cruz County, just South of the Bay Area.

Aerial footage in Santa Cruz County shows some of the devastation from the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. The fire has destroyed more than 200 homes and structures.

Good morning from the West Coast, this is Kari Paul, logging on to write about the fires raging about 40 miles from our Oakland office. Stand by for updates.

• The two largest fires in California grew slightly overnight, and 7,000 other fires are still burning in the state, but officials were optimistic that favorable weather conditions could help them to control the blazes.
•Firefighters at the CZU Lightning Complex fires, near Santa Cruz, “had success” in tackling the blaze on Monday, operations section chief Mark Brenton said. “We’re going to see for the next few days that same success,” he added.

Lake Berryessa, 40 miles west of Sacramento, became a sanctuary for people fleeing cities during the coronavirus epidemic.
Now much of the pretty town, which sits on an eponymous lake, has been ravaged by fire, turning the “lovely greenery into black and ashy swaths of land”, according to :
The official damage to the area surrounding Lake Berreyssa is still unclear, but Sandy Storck, Chief of the Capell Valley Fire Station, said she knew of quite a few neighborhoods that were pretty much gone. The timing couldn’t have been worse, she said.
“People were just finding this as a fun area during COVID,” she said. “But now everything is burned.”

The two largest fires in California grew slightly overnight, Cal Fire said, although firefighters have managed to contain the same proportion of each blaze.
The SCU Lightning Complex, already the second biggest fire in California’s history, is now 363,772 acres, , up around 3,000 acres since Monday night. The fire, south-east of San Francisco, is 15% controlled.

The fires in California pose a real threat to some of the state’s rare ecosystems and wildlife – including redwood trees and the endangered California condors.
“Biologists are watching closely as the blazes encroach on old-growth redwood trees in Northern and Central California, where some giants are more than 1,000 years old and are known by individual names,”
While some seem to have been spared, Big Basin State Park — the oldest state park in California — saw significant fire damage.
Still, biologists say there are reasons to be hopeful, because redwoods have incredibly thick bark that can withstand wildfires. Even fully charred trees can sprout again.

Firefighters expect to see success in the coming days in tackling the CZU Lightning Complex, near Santa Cruz, officials said this morning.
In a press conference IMT 3 operations section chief Mark Brenton said:

6 a.m. Media Update mg

California had cause for quiet optimism in its battle with deadly wildfires on Tuesday morning, as the state largely avoided predicted lightning storms and firefighters made progress in bringing one of the largest fires under control.
, which include two of the largest in California’s history, and at least 12,000 structures had been destroyed by Monday night.

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