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Disney's Artemis Fowl movie: Release date, plot, trailer, cast, director, rumors

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Get ready for a seriously twisted fairy tale as a 12-year-old genius kidnaps a police officer from the underground world of mythical beings.

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Trump admin avoids calling trans woman 'she' in Supreme Court brief

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The 110-page brief avoids using gender pronouns to refer to Aimee Stephens, the transgender woman at the center of a major LGBTQ discrimination case.

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'Key player' identified in genetic link to psychiatric conditions

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Scientists have identified a specific gene they believe could be a key player in the changes in brain structure seen in several psychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia and autism.

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Moles on the body largely influenced by genetics, finds new study

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A new study has found that genes have a greater influence than previously thought not only on the number of moles you have but also where they are on your body.

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Access to healthcare a distant dream for most Indian women

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A study conducted by experts from India and Harvard University reveals that Indian women suffer gender bias while accessing healthcare. Gender stereotypes also prevent women from voicing their health problems. ......

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Guidelines say more women may need breast cancer gene test

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At issue are two genes, called BRCA1 and BRCA2.

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Philadelphia police commissioner abruptly resigns amid multiple scandals

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The Philadelphia mayor said Tuesday he believes the change in leadership will help reform long-standing issues of racial, ethnic and gender discrimination.

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A new path to cancer therapy: developing simultaneous multiplexed gene editing technology

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Scientists have developed a new gene editing system that could be used for anticancer immunotherapy through the simultaneous suppression of proteins that interfere with the immune system expressed on the surface of lymphoma cells and activation of cytotoxic T lymphocyte.

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Possible genetic link between children's language and mental health

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A new study has examined genetic variants in six genes that are thought to contribute to language development in children. They found that nearly half of the genetic variants which contribute to children's language difficulties were also associated with poor mental health.

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Jogging and five other exercises ward off weight gain despite 'obesity genes'

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For people who inherited genes that increase their chance of becoming obese, there is hope for keeping the weight off. A study has identified the types of exercise that are especially effective at combating genetic effects that contribute to obesity.

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