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Inga in 'Young Frankenstein' 'Memba Her?!

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Teri Garr is best known for playing the buxom lab assistant Inga -- opposite Gene Wilder and Cloris Leachman -- in the 1974 Mel Brooks masterpiece 'Young Frankenstein.' Guess what she looks like now!

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Worm species lost 7,000 genes after evolving to fertilize itself

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Reproduction in most animal species requires breeding between two individuals. But some worms have evolved the ability to go it alone. In these species, a single individual can breed with itself to produce offspring. A new study found that gaining this ability, known as 'selfing,' may have caused a worm species to lose a quarter of its genome, including genes that give male sperm a competitive edge during mating.

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Obesity prevented in mice fed high-fat diet

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Researchers activated the Hedgehog protein pathway in the fat cells of mice. After eight weeks of eating a high-fat diet, mice that had been engineered with genes to activate the pathway didn't gain weight, but control animals whose Hedgehog pathways were not activated became obese.

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Biological bypass shows promise in coronary artery disease

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A new gene therapy that targets the heart and requires only one treatment session has been found safe for patients with coronary artery disease, according to a successful trial carried out in Finland.


Type 2 diabetes shares risk genes with heart disease

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A genome study of more than 250,000 people has found eight gene variants that are linked to altered risk for both type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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Gene therapy with BMP4 protects against weight gain and insulin resistance in mice

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"By increasing BMP4, we can increase the metabolic rate, but we only see this in initially lean mice.


Convergent evolution of gene regulation in humans and mice

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Organisms that aren't closely related may evolve similar traits as they adapt to similar challenges. It's called convergent evolution, and familiar examples include the wings of birds, bats, and insects, and echolocation in bats and dolphins. Now, molecular biologists have found evidence of convergent evolution in an important mechanism of gene regulation in humans and mice.

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Agricultural parasite takes control of host plant's genes

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Dodder, a parasitic plant that causes major damage to crops in the US and worldwide every year, can silence the expression of genes in the host plants from which it obtains water and nutrients. This cross-species gene regulation, which includes genes that contribute to the host plant's defense against parasites, has never before been seen from a parasitic plant.

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