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Predictor for immunotherapy response in melanoma

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In a new study, researchers developed a gene expression predictor that can indicate whether melanoma in a specific patient is likely to respond to treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors, a novel type of immunotherapy.

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Gene therapy vectors carrying the telomerase gene do not increase the risk of cancer

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Researchers have shown in a new study that the gene therapy with telomerase that they have developed, and which has proven to be effective in mice against diseases caused by excessive telomere shortening and ageing, does not cause cancer or increase the risk of developing it, even in a cancer-prone setting.

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New assay to detect genetic abnormalities in sarcomas outperforms conventional techniques

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A report describes a new assay, anchored multiplex PCR (AMP)-based targeted next-generation-sequencing (NGS), with superior diagnostic utility compared to conventional techniques. This includes the ability to analyze numerous target genes simultaneously and identify new fusion partners. In four cases, the assay diagnosed sarcoma in samples deemed falsely negative by conventional tests.

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Autonomous gene expression control nanodevice will contribute to medical care

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Researchers constructed integrated gene logic-chips called 'gene nanochips.' These self-contained nanochips can switch genes on or off according to the environment, where photo-reprogramming of the logic operation by UV irradiation is possible. Moreover, the researchers completed proof-of-concept experiments using artificial cells that produced the diagnostics and reactants (the desired RNA and protein) in a confined nanochip, suggesting the potential of autonomous nanochips in future medical prevention and care.

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Effect of genetic factors on nutrition: The genes are not to blame

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Individualized dietary recommendations based on genetic information are currently a popular trend. A team has systematically analyzed scientific articles and reached the following conclusion: There is no clear evidence for the effect of genetic factors on the consumption of total calories, carbohydrates, and fat. According to the current state of knowledge, the expedience of gene-based dietary recommendations has yet to be proven.

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Gene study spots clues to heart risk for statin patients

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A research team has discovered genetic variations that increase the risk of heart attack even when patients are receiving a statin drug like Lipitor or Crestor to lower their blood cholesterol.

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Gene-editing reduces triglycerides, cholesterol by up to 50 percent

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Using a variation of CRISPR gene editing may be a potential strategy for mimicking the protective effects of a genetic mutation linked to lower cholesterol levels and heart disease risks.

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Newly discovered gene may protect against heart disease

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Scientists have identified a gene that may play a protective role in preventing heart disease. Their research revealed that the gene, called MeXis, acts within key cells inside clogged arteries to help remove excess cholesterol from blood vessels.

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Newly-discovered type of lung cell has central role in cystic fibrosis

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A new type of lung cell is rare in our bodies, but is the main place where the gene involved in the common hereditary condition cystic fibrosis is active

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Report: Experts knew Italian bridge had weakened 20 percent ahead of collapse

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Engineering experts determined in February that corrosion of the metal cables supporting the Genoa highway bridge had reduced the bridge's strength by 20 percent — a finding that came months before it collapsed last week, an Italian newsmagazine reported Monday.
Despite the findings, Espresso wrote...


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