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A muscle protein promotes nerve healing

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Damaged fibers in the brain or spinal cord usually don't heal. Neuroscientists have high hopes for new methods based on gene therapy.

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Molecule discovery holds promise for gene therapies for psoriasis

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Scientists have discovered a protein that could hold the key to novel gene therapies for skin problems including psoriasis - a common, chronic skin disease that affects over 100 million people worldwide.

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Gene therapy via skin protects mice from lethal cocaine doses

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A new study shows that skin stem cells, modified via CRISPR and transplanted back to donor mice, can protect addicted mice from cocaine-seeking and overdose.

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Gene therapy blocks peripheral nerve damage in mice

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Scientists have developed a gene therapy that blocks axonal degeneration, preventing axon destruction in mice and suggesting a therapeutic strategy that could help prevent the loss of peripheral nerves in multiple conditions.

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Gene Therapy Tackles a Common Birth Defect: Deafness

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After false starts, researchers are making progress toward treating deafness with gene therapy


Gene therapy eases Parkinson’s symptoms by rewiring parts of the brain

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A gene therapy treatment for Parkinson's blocks faulty brain circuits. This seems to help create alternate neural pathways for movement and eases symptoms

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Gene therapy injection into spinal cord halts ALS in adult mice

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A new way to deliver DNA to spinal nerve cells brings us a step closer to a gene therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Early clinical trial data show gene therapy reversing sickle cell anemia

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After over a decade of preclinical research and development, a new gene therapy treatment for sickle cell anemia (SCA) is reversing disease symptoms in two adults and showing early potential for transportability to resource-challenged parts of the world where SCA is most common.

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Gene therapy promotes nerve regeneration

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Researchers have shown that treatment using gene therapy leads to a faster recovery after nerve damage. By combining a surgical repair procedure with gene therapy, the survival of nerve cells and regeneration of nerve fibers over a long distance was stimulated. The discovery is an important step towards the development of a new treatment for people with nerve damage.

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