Thursday, 21 February 2019
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Ubisoft Developing a Female-Driven 'Skull & Bones' TV Show (Exclusive)

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In a unique move, the video game company's film and television department will develop the pirate drama with Atlas Entertainment before the game its based on has been released.


Olympic organizers in Paris want breakdancing on program

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The organizers of the 2024 Paris Olympics want to add breakdancing to the games, which would be a first for the dance sport that came from the streets of New York


Why Far Cry New Dawn's Small Open World Works

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From PSU: "Far Cry New Dawn arrived in stores last week, and I quickly fell in love with the games fun and accessible gameplay. Far Crys mix of serious storytelling and goofball tone is back in full force in New Dawn. Ive been loving playing all of the side content after beating the game the first time."

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Does FIFA 19 Show That Annual Sports Games are Declining?

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TSR writes: "FIFA 19 was released almost six months ago, and with FIFA 20 right around the corner, what has it told us about the state of modern sports games?"

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Can Leeds' Samantha Briggs be the Fittest on Earth in 2019?

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BBC Sport meets Samantha Briggs, from Leeds, who will compete to be crowned the Fittest on Earth at this year's CrossFit Games - a competition she won in 2013.

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The 22 most anticipated video games of 2019

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2019 is creeping up, and it's looking like a spectacular year for video games. Here are the games we're most excited to play next year.

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VR Game the Moon! Is Coming Soon To Switch

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Going up in the world with this Turbo Champion's Edition.

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The Kings Bird Review - Doesn't Give you Wings | Finger Guns

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Paul @ FG: This is the second game in a row Ive reviewed that allows gamers to take control of a bird. The first wasn't great, does The Kings Bird fair any better? The Finger Guns Review.

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Spike Volleyball Review - Not All That Sharp | Finger Guns

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Ross @ FG: Spike Volleyball is a game without an audience. Not even volleyball fans. The Finger Guns Review.

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A quick & dirty guide to all the characters in Jump Force

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TSA writes: "Jump Force just came out! Its a pretty bad video game, but dont worry about that. Instead, you should be worrying about who the hell all the characters in that game are. If you arent up to snuff on your manga history, you might be thrown for a loop when you hop into the game for the first time. Naru-who? Marshall. D what? If you cant tell your Gaaras from your Gokus, dont fret. The anime armada here at TheSixthAxis myself and Jason Coles, in this case have put together a flawless guide to every character featured in the massive manga crossover fighter. Jason and I know that youre an intrepid reader on the go, though, so weve done our best to keep the descriptions as bite-sized and brief as possible. Lets go!!"

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