Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Surviving Mars: Connecting Domes Guide

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From GameWatcher: "In a surprisingly obvious oversight in game design and gameplay mechanic, the team behind Surviving Mars decided to deny any way to connect domes, both literally and logistically. Not only there are no walkways, corridors, or tunnels to connect domes, colonists are completely incapable of leaving their dome and saultzing over to a neighbour's to get a necessity met -- if there is plenty of food in the dome outside their house but none in their own, they will damn well starve to death."

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Grip Looks To Turn Racing Games Upside Down

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This looks like a crazy and exciting new twist on racing games. Grip looks to take the combat racing genre and literally turn it upside down.

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Game Review: 'Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet' - Electric Bento

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While Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet really drops the ball in a few key areas, it makes up for it with its fast, fun shooting mechanics.

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Golf in Outer Space with Wonder Wickets Next Week

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Hardcore Gamer: Get ready for some out of this world golfing with Wonder Wickets. The game features an incredibly cute concept where mini golf has been filtered through years of alien improvisation.

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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Review - For Cup Noodle and Country | AusGamers

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"At its core Final Fantasy XV is game about friendship. Now, that might sound broad or not all that informative a statement. Heres a better description. Watching the relationship between the four main protagonists that make up Final Fantasy XV Noctis, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto grow and develop as they face increasing and more perilous threats is almost always completely endearing. In that it feels like the animated adventures of a boy band in a world filled with monsters. Where each member has their role, is totally down with the opposite sex, but not afraid to don some designer pants and pose fashionably for photos. Or cook elaborate meals using only the freshest of produce, whilst constantly providing moral support and words of encouragement to their fellow bros."

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Patched #29 Video Game Villainy

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As with anything, gaming has its villains and in this new episode of Patched, Damo, Jay and Paul discuss the best and worst (or is that the worst and best?) of gaming's villains.

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5 reasons Tomb Raider is better than the average video game movie

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Tomb Raider the big-screen adaptation of Square Enix' iconic video game series is currently playing in theaters, and it is a step above the typical video game movie.

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Nintendo Switch 2018 Nindies GDC showcase: Watch it live here

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The gaming giant is showing off new indie game -- called, of course, "Nindies" -- on a livestream at 9 a.m. PT, noon ET.

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Karma Kicks Draymond Green in the Crotch in Warriors vs. Spurs

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Karma is a bitch -- just ask Draymond Green, who just got hit with a groin shot 2 years in the making!! You remember the play ... in Game 3 of 2016's Western Conference Finals, Draymond's leg punted OKC Thunder big Steven Adams square in the...

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5 Nintendo Classics We Can Go Without Ever Seeing Again

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Nintendo is an absolute powerhouse in making great games within even better franchises. They have undoubtedly created some of the most iconic characters and gaming series, but not all of them were hits. Here's 6 Nintendo Classics we can without ever seeing again.

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