Monday, 08 March 2021
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It'll Be Vice (or) President Harris vs. DeSantis in 2024

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Many voters recognize that DeSantis dealt with the virus in a pragmatic way and saved the livelihoods of Florida businesses.

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Loyal Wingman drone makes its first flight

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The first military aircraft designed and made in Australia in over 50 years is meant to aid piloted aircraft. But for now this wingman is flying solo.

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Watch Boeing's Loyal Wingman drone make its inaugural flight video

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After three years of development and testing, Boeing Australia's Airpower Teaming System, aka "Loyal Wingman" drone, successfully completed its first autonomous flight.

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The Complicated Quagmire of Dr. Seuss

Added: 05.03.2021 19:58 | 24 views | 0 comments

The decision to stop publishing six of the author's children books comes from the right place, but ultimately might do more damage than good

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Formula 1: Williams car launch disrupted by hackers

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Williams are forced to abandon an augmented reality launch of their new Formula 1 car when the app they had designed was hacked.

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2022 Nissan Frontier: Hands-on with the midsize truck that looks ready to shake up its segment video - Roadshow

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With muscular looks, class-leading power and fresh tech, Nissan finally seems ready to take this market seriously again.

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Slate writer welcomes 'due process' for Cuomo after warning Americans 'should be terrified' of Kavanaugh

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A writer for the liberal news outlet Slate is not rushing to judgment when it comes to the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but had quite a different attitude towards the misconduct claims that were made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. 

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Did woolly mammoths overlap with first humans in what is now New England?

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Woolly mammoths may have walked the landscape at the same time as the earliest humans in what is now New England, according to a new study. Through the radiocarbon dating of a rib fragment from the Mount Holly mammoth from Mount Holly, Vt., the researchers learned that this mammoth existed approximately 12,800 years ago. This date may overlap with the arrival of the first humans in the Northeast, who are thought to have arrived around the same time.

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Why we believe someone's telling the truth — even after being told they're lying

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We have a bias towards believing what we hear is true and make judgments on that basis, even when the context suggests the information is likely false.

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Woolly mammoths were hit by climate change but humans wiped them out

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The extinction of woolly mammoths was hastened by a warming climate that shrank and fragmented their habitat, and was then exacerbated by human hunting

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