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Staybridge Suites unveils enhanced menus and new drink options at The Social

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At a time when other hotel brands in the extended stay segment are reducing or eliminating their happy hour offerings, Staybridge Suites, one of 17 brands in the IHG Hotels & Resorts portfolio, has re-imagined its happy hour experience.

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Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell takes shot at ex-Astros GM James Click: 'Game played by humans, not computers'

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Jeff Bagwell made it clear that he was not interested in filling the Astros vacant general manager role, but he was critical of ex-GM James Click's data-driven approach.

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Permian-Triassic Crocodile-Like Amphibians Were as Heavy as Pygmy Hippos, Study Suggests

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An artist’s reconstruction of Eryops megacephalus (left) and Paracyclotosaurus davidi (right). Image credit: Josè Vitor Silva.
Temnospondyli is a diverse group of extinct amphibians that flourished worldwide during the Carboniferous, Permian, and Triassic periods.

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Idaho murders: Sigma Chi creates scholarship in honor of slain student Ethan Chapin

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The Sigma Chi fraternity announced a scholarship on Tuesday to honor Ethan Chapin, a member who was murdered along with three other University of Idaho students.

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Patient-centered approach to treating obesity

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In short, health professionals on both sides of the debate should strive to improve access to compassionate, evidence-based and patient-centered care in order to fight weight stigma and end diet culture, the researchers argue, adding that the emphasis should be on health, not weight.

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Stigmatizing views and myths about psoriasis are pervasive in the United States

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The stigma associated with the autoimmune disease psoriasis may lead people to avoid patients who show signs of the condition, including not wanting to date, shake hands, or have people in their homes if they suffer from the disease. New multidisciplinary research involving both psychologists and dermatologists is the first to examine how common this stigma may be among the general population of the United States as well as among medical students.

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Hyaluronan is effective in treating chronic lung disease

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Researchers found that inhaling unfragmented hyaluronan improves lung function in patients suffering from severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Hyaluronan, a sugar secreted by living tissue that acts as a scaffold for cells, is also used in cosmetics as a skin moisturizer and as a nasal spray to moisturize lung airways. Utilized as a treatment, hyaluronan decreased the number of days in the hospital.

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Memory killer T cells are primed in the spleen during influenza infection

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CD8+ T cells -- known as "killer" T cells -- are the assassins of the immune system. Once they are primed, they seek out and destroy other cells that are infected with virus or cells that are cancerous. Priming involves dendritic cells -- sentinels of the immune system. In an influenza infection in the lungs, for example, lung-migratory dendritic cells capture a piece of the viral antigen, and then migrate out of the lung to the place where naïve T cells reside, to present that antigen to the CD8+ T cells. This primes the T cells to know which cells to attack. The place for the priming in influenza had long been thought to be restricted to a single anatomical site -- the lung-draining, mediastinal lymph nodes that lie between the lungs and the spine. This lymph node-centric paradigm now has been challenged.

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