Thursday, 21 June 2018
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Audi, Hyundai to cooperate on fuel cell vehicles

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Audi and Hyundai said they will cooperate on developing fuel cell vehicles.

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Jet Airways receives first 737 MAX from Boeing

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Boeing and Jet Airways have celebrated the delivery of the airline’s first 737 MAX airplane. Jet Airways will be first Indian carrier to fly the new and improved 737 airplane, which delivers a double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency and improved passenger comfort.


State of Decay 2 Review - Analog Stick Gaming

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"We bolted for the van as fast as we could as an angry mob of the undead began to close in. We were low on ammo, one of us infected, and we needed to get back to home base to administer the plague virus cure. We were low on fuel as well but had at least enough to get back home." Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming

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New material for splitting water

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Solar energy is clean and abundant, but when the sun isn't shining, you must store the energy in batteries or through a process called photocatalysis. In photocatalytic water splitting, sunlight separates water into hydrogen and oxygen, which can then be recombined in a fuel cell to release energy. Now, a new class of materials -- halide double perovskites -- may have just the right properties to split water.

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Faster, cheaper, better: A new way to synthesize DNA

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Researchers have pioneered a new way to synthesize DNA sequences through a creative use of enzymes that promises to be faster, cheaper, and more accurate. DNA synthesis is a fundamental tool in the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology, in which organisms can be engineered to do things like decompose plastic and manufacture biofuels and medicines. This discovery could dramatically accelerate the pace of scientific discovery.

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Taking a closer look at 'electrifying' chemistry

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With the increasing availability of electrical energy from renewable sources, it will be possible in the future to drive many chemical processes using an electric current. This will facilitate the use of sustainable methods to manufacture products or fuels. However, exactly how these electrocatalysts work is not yet fully understood.


30 percent of the UK's natural gas could be replaced by hydrogen, cutting carbon emissions

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Almost a third of the natural gas fueling UK homes and businesses could be replaced by hydrogen, a carbon free fuel, without requiring any changes to the nation's boilers and ovens.

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Zambia to kill 2000 hippos because they might spread anthrax

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Over the next five years 2000 hippos are to be culled in Zambia, supposedly to stop them giving people anthrax, but the cull may inadvertently fuel the trade in hippo ivory

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'Carbon bubble' coming that could wipe trillions from the global economy

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Unlike current expectations, new research suggests that the prospects of the fossil-fuel industry are not bright, and that its demise may have profound economic and geopolitical consequences. Relying on ground breaking modelling techniques, researchers show that the consumption of fossil fuels will slow down or decline in the near future, as a result of ongoing technological change, potentially exacerbated by new climate policies.

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