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Endangered coffee crops in Uganda threaten families' livelihood

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Damage being done to the planet by oil and other fossil fuels is putting coffee in trouble

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Hunting for the finest droplet

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Modern passenger airplanes already consume less than three liters fuel per one hundred kilometers and passenger. Scientists are currently working on further improving this value. In addition, engineers plan to optimize the combustion process such that exhaust gas emission is reduced considerably. For this purpose, they use supercomputers and simulation methods that are usually applied for tsunami calculations or for water effects in computer games.

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Meadows beat out shrubs when it comes to storing carbon

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While the world focuses on controlling global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, less attention has been paid to the capacity of vegetation and soils to take up and store carbon. A remote field site in the Norwegian mountains is improving our understanding of carbon cycling in high-latitude alpine areas.

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Grateful woman raises £97,000 for homeless man who gave her his last £15

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A woman has raised over £97,000 ($130,000) for a homeless man who gave her his last £15 ($20) when her car ran out of fuel.

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The Leadership Lesson I Learned Waiting for My Flight to Crash Land

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As the plane circled the airport burning off fuel, a passenger wearing a pilot's uniform kept fear from boiling over into panic by napping.

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Does this one gene fuel obesity?

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Variants in a gene called ankyrin-B -- carried by millions of Americans -- could cause people to put on pounds through no fault of their own, new research demonstrates.

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Among 'green' energy, hydropower is the most dangerous

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Many governments are promoting a move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources. However, in a new study, scientists highlight some of the ecological dangers this wave of 'green' energy poses.


Mimicking two natural energy processes with a single catalyst

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Researchers take inspiration from natural chemical processes based on hydrogenase and photosystem II, to produce a single metal catalyst with both fuel cell and solar cell functionalities. The combination of these two processes into one system suggests great potential for biologically inspired energy generation technologies.


'Macron effect' fuels Paris bid for post-Brexit business

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U.S. businesses are more eager to invest and hire in France than they have been in years — but want to see more progress first in President Emmanuel Macron's efforts to reduce labor costs and simplify taxes.


Gear.Club Unlimited Review: A Fun But Flawed Racer - GameSpew

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Gear.Club Unlimited straddles the line between being a sim and an arcade racer to provide quick bursts of adrenaline-fuelled action within a lengthy career.

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