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Eye Opener: Trump draws fire after mocking Al Franken's sexual misconduct

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Your world in 90 seconds

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Ittle Dew 2+ (NS) Review | VGChartz

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VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Despite some bland presentation, Ittle Dew 2+ succeeds as an action-adventure title in the Zelda tradition. Combat is challenging, opportunities for exploration and experimentation are many, and puzzles will make your brain melt. Fans desiring a Switch adventure that's more A Link to the Past and less Breath of the Wild will find in this sarcastic indie game a surefire winner."

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Best Black Friday deals for cord-cutters: Roku, Fire TV and more

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Want to stream video or watch free over-the-air TV instead of paying for cable? Black Friday is the perfect time to upgrade your hardware.

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11 Characters That Need to Appear in a Fighting Game

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PSLS: "Guest fighting game characters arent anything new, but theyve definitely been stealing the headlines as of late. First Injustice 2 made waves by announcing that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes, all four of them) would be making their way to NetherRealm Studios fighting game. Not to be outdone, Tekken 7 then fired back by announcing that Noctis from Final Fantasy XV was coming to their title as DLC. This naturally got me to think about what other characters would be a great fit as a fighting game guest character. Weve seen everything from Yoda to The Legend of Zeldas Link in the past, so any genre can potentially work. I wound up coming up with a list of 11 fighting game guest characters that Id love to see in a fighting game."

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Playful Animation Tells the Story of Humankind’s Quest for a Perfect City

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Cities are universes in themselves; furiously spawning, spewing, hissing through time and space. They are cudgeled, raked, plastered, worshipped, fought over, set on fire; they are slippery wombs that cradle wars, victories, blood and brilliant storms. The built environment has always been indicative of its inhabitants’ fears, desires, and ideals. As such, it is one of the earliest, most powerful forms of human expression. For World Day 2017, the new section of the website commissioned motion graphics designer to create , an animated covering a brief history of humankind’s quest for the "ideal" and the "perfect" in urban design. With a voiceover and script by renowned architecture critic and writer , the is a remarkable 2-minute overview of some prominent examples in city planning, both old and new, successful and unsuccessful.

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Gabby Douglas Apologizes After Remark on Sexual Abuse Draws Fire

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In a response to a post by Aly Raisman, her former Olympic gymnastics teammate, Ms. Douglas had argued that it was women’s responsibility “to dress modestly.”

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N Korean defector’s condition stabilising

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The condition of a North Korean soldier severely wounded by gunfire while escaping to South Korea is gradually improving after two surgeries but it's too early to tell whether he makes a recovery, hospital officials said Saturday


Bannon’s ‘season of war’ on GOP establishment may backfire with first battle

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A growing number of Republicans say Bannon’s continued embrace of Roy Moore could undercut his ambitions to play kingmaker in 2018.

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Massive building fire blackens NYC skyline; few serious injuries reported

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Five-alarm fire damaged apartment building in New York City on Friday afternoon


First close-ups of finger-like growths that trigger battery fires

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Scientists have captured the first atomic-level images of finger-like growths called dendrites that can pierce the barrier between battery compartments and trigger short circuits or fires. Dendrites and the problems they cause have been a stumbling block on the road to developing new types of batteries that store more energy so electric cars, cell phones, laptops and other devices can go longer between charges.


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