Thursday, 21 February 2019
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Heckler & Koch fined for illegal gun sales to Mexico

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A German court fines Heckler & Koch and convicts two ex-staff for illegal arms exports to Mexico.

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Tiny sun sensor warns you when your skin is about to burn

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A miniature sensor that can be stuck to your skin, clothing or jewellery monitors your UV exposure and lets you know when it’s time to get out of the sun

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Millions of passport and credit card details exposed in Marriott hack

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Half a billion people who've stayed at Marriott hotels may have had their data exposed, including passport numbers and credit card details

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Exposure to childhood violence linked to psychiatric disorders

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Investing in diminishing socioeconomic status inequalities and in preventing violent events during childhood may improve the mental health of youths from low socioeconomic status backgrounds. The results showed that having experienced any traumatic event and low socioeconomic status were associated with an internalizing disorder such as depression and anxiety and an externalizing disorder including attention-deficit hyperactivity.

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Now and Zen: Lower prenatal stress reduces risk of behavioral issues in kids

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Expectant mothers may want to consider adopting today's trend towards stress management, in light of new research pointing to its ability to lower the risk of problematic behavior in their offspring. Researchers found that mothers who are exposed to high levels of stress during pregnancy have kids who are more than twice as likely to have chronic symptoms of hyperactivity and conduct disorder.

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| 'We have death and devastation at every turn': the flood massacre of Queensland cattle

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Almost overnight we have transitioned from drought to a flood disaster zone. There are kangaroos dead in trees, birds drowned in drifts of silt and our beloved bovine family perished in huddled piles
After what can only be described as an environmental massacre of mammoth proportions throughout the whole of north-west Queensland, the people of this country are heartbroken.
We live on a family cattle station 60km north of Cloncurry, where we have just received 700mm-plus of rain over seven days, with the majority of that falling over four days. This extreme weather event, , has decimated much of our native wildlife, along with our domestic livestock. They were constantly exposed to wind and cold driving rain for far too long. The majority of the country was either covered in flood water or churned into a bog, making their feed inaccessible.

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Saudi Aramco in talks on further Indian investments

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Saudi Aramco, the world's top oil exporter, is in talks on possible investments in Indian projects involving companies including Reliance Industries, operator of the world's biggest refining complex, its chief executive said on Wednesday.


Germany resists pressure to ease Saudi arms export halt

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Germany is sticking to its weapons exports freeze to Saudi Arabia, the government said on Wednesday, resisting pressure to soften its stance after criticism from Britain and defense firms, including Airbus, who argue it is hurting commerce.


Grand Canyon takes action after tourists possibly exposed to radiation

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Officials investigating whether anyone was exposed to radiation at unsafe levels while samples of uranium ore sat in plastic buckets in a park research building


German government sees no basis for authorizing further weapons exports to Saudi

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The German government sees no basis for authorizing further weapons exports to Saudi Arabia, a spokeswoman for the Economy Ministry in Berlin said on Wednesday.


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