Friday, 19 January 2018
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Germany halts further arms exports to parties in Yemen war

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Germany says it won't approve arms exports to countries involved in the conflict in Yemen, a move that could affect sales of military hardware to Saudi Arabia.


Study: Flu Virus Can Be Spread Just by Breathing

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According to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is alarmingly easy to spread the influenza virus by simply breathing. People commonly believe that they can catch the flu by exposure to droplets from an infected person’s coughs or sneezes or by touching contaminated surfaces. But the new [...]

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Could outdoor light exposure at night heighten breast cancer risk?

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High exposure to outdoor light during the night may increase women's breast cancer risk, a new study finds, particularly for women who work night shifts.


Air pollution linked to cardiovascular disease; air purifiers may lessen impact

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Exposure to high levels of air pollution increased stress hormone levels and negative metabolic changes in otherwise healthy, young adults in a recent study conducted in China.


E-cigarettes: How safe are they for cardiovascular health?

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A new study investigates the effect of chronic and acute exposure to e-cigarette vapor on the cardiovascular health of female mice.


Why some women are more likely to feel depressed

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New study links duration of estrogen exposure with increased vulnerability to depression: Longer exposure to estrogen shown to provide protection.


Pressure rises in Senate as possible shutdown nears

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Republican and Democratic senators on Jan. 18 exposed their stances in the negotiations to avert a government shutdown.

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Flu may be spread just by breathing

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It is easier to spread the influenza virus (flu) than previously thought, according to a new study. People commonly believe that they can catch the flu by exposure to droplets from an infected person's coughs or sneezes or by touching contaminated surfaces. But, new information about flu transmission reveals that we may pass the flu to others just by breathing.

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Effect of general anesthesia on developing brain

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Scientists have reviewed scientific studies on the potentially adverse effects of exposing developing brains to general anesthesia.

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