Friday, 28 April 2017
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Embrace scientific developments in agriculture for us and the planet

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OPINION | Turning our backs on these advancements may stifle innovation and jeopardize agriculture's ability to win the battle against climate change.


Risk of obesity influenced by changes in our genes

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A child's risk of obesity as they grow up can be influenced by modifications to their DNA prior to birth, a new study has shown. These changes, known as epigenetic modifications, control the activity of our genes without changing the actual DNA sequence. One of the main epigenetic modifications is DNA methylation, which plays a key role in embryonic development and the formation of different cell types, regulating when and where genes are switched on.

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Mark Ingram, Drew Brees embrace Saints' addition of Adrian Peterson

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Mark Ingram, Drew Brees embrace Saints' addition of Adrian Peterson

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Gotham’s Nygma Finally Embraces the Riddler: ‘I Like That it Took This Long’

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Cory Michael Smith talks Edward Nygma's slow transformation into The Riddler on "Gotham."

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He’s A Friend From Work: 15 Superhero Buddy Movies We Want To See

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With superhero movies starting to embrace their shared universes, we're going to see a lot more buddy films. Here are 15 team-ups we want to see most!

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I Was Finally Able to Embrace 'Yooka-Laylee' When I Stopped Comparing It to 'Banjo-Kazooie' | SH

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Sweety High: "Despite its missteps, I hope Yooka-Laylee will inspire more 3D platformers like it, and that those games will be more willing to take risks, do new things and do what they can not to rest on the laurels of what happened in the pat. With Super Mario Odyssey coming out later this year, I'm very curious to see how it compares."


Fate of the Furious Keeps Top Spot at Weekend Box Office, While Unforgettable Ends Up Anything But

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It’s not news that Katherine Heigl has Hollywood’s least forgiving image problem — think of the kind of men who have not paid Heigl’s price for acting rude and entitled nearly a decade ago — but are audiences so loathe to embrace her that they won’t even love to hate ...


Trump's Industry, Real Estate, Poses Hurdle to Tax Overhaul

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The president, who says a sweeping plan is coming, has embraced positions that would benefit developers — a powerful lobby — and complicate changes.

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Switch Actress 'Karen' Embraces her Nintendo Meme

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NL: "Many wonderful things came from Nintendo's first look at the Switch in a 'preview' in October 2016, One that nobody expected was the introduction of Switch enthusiast "Karen". In her debut she can be seen playing Super Mario Odyssey before being interrupted by her friends on the roof across the street; she then promptly undocks the Switch and takes it to the party."


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