Thursday, 15 November 2018
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Exclusive: A new test can predict IVF embryos’ risk of having a low IQ

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A new genetic test that enables people having IVF to screen out embryos likely to have a low IQ or high disease risk could soon become available in the US

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IVF success boosted by drug that helps embryos implant in the womb

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Women given a drug that increases blood flow to the womb have a significantly higher chance of giving birth through IVF

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Walmart, Home Depot adopt health insurer tactic in drug copay battle

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Walmart and Home Depot , two of the top 10 U.S. employers, have embraced a health insurance strategy that punishes drugmakers for using discount cards to keep patients from switching or stopping their medications.


Jimmy Butler Meets, Embraces Sixers GM Elton Brand At Minneapolis Airport

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Jimmy Butler was personally greeted by his new Sixers GM, Elton Brand, and a private jet on his way outta Minnesota on Monday ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!! The ex-Timberwolves forward was just shipped to Philadelphia in a blockbuster trade...


Sunscreen chemicals in water may harm fish embryos

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For most people, a trip to the beach involves slathering on a thick layer of sunscreen to protect against sunburn and skin cancer. However, savvy beachgoers know to reapply sunscreen every few hours because it eventually washes off. Now researchers have detected high levels of sunscreen chemicals in the waters of Shenzhen, China, and they also show that the products can affect zebrafish embryo development.

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Embryos 'remember' the chemicals that they encounter

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A new study shows that embryonic cells retain a memory of the chemical signals to which they are exposed. Without these memories, cells fail organize into distinct tissue types.


I’ve Been Comforted by a Strawberry

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Why we stress-eat and how to embrace it (or reroute it).

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How skin begins: New research could improve skin grafts, and more

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Researchers have discovered a key mechanism by which skin begins to develop in embryos.

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A wearable device for regrowing hair

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Although some people embrace the saying 'bald is beautiful,' for others, alopecia, or excessive hair loss, can cause stress and anxiety. Some studies have shown that stimulating the skin with lasers can help regrow hair, but the equipment is often large, consumes lots of energy and is difficult to use in daily life. Now, researchers have developed a flexible, wearable photostimulator that speeds up hair growth in mice.

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