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Liane Russell, Who Studied Radiation’s Effects on Embryos, Dies at 95

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Her findings led to cautions against X-rays for pregnant women. She also discovered that the presence of the Y chromosome meant a mammalian embryo was male.

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Turtle embryos may control their sex by moving inside their eggs

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Ambient temperature can influence the sex of reptile embryos, but turtle embryos may move to warm or cool spots inside the egg to counteract the effect

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Yankees’ Mike Tauchman First Did His Homework, Then Got His Chance

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The outfielder embraced what it means to be a modern player, using video, data and opportunity to emerge as an invaluable contributor to his new team.

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BMW's CEO urges staff to narrow sales gap with Mercedes

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BMW's new chief executive urged employees to embrace change and to find innovative ways to help the Bavarian carmaker overtake rival Mercedes at a time when demand for luxury cars is waning.


Massive Planetary Embryo Crashed into Jupiter 4.5 Billion Years Ago

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An energetic head-on collision between a large planetary embryo and the proto-Jupiter about 4.5 billion years ago could explain puzzling gravitational readings from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which suggest that Jupiter’s core is less dense and more extended that expected. Several models of Jupiter’s structure that fit data from NASA’s Juno spacecraft suggest that the gas [...]

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Olivia Newton-John: 'It's been a challenging year but I'm doing really well'

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Olivia Newton-John wants to encourage other cancer sufferers to embrace life.

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Jupiter may have been smashed by head-on collision with massive young planet

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An ancient impact with a planetary embryo changed the core of the gas giant forever.

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Jupiter may have been forever changed by a head-on collision with a 'planetary embryo'

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An ancient impact could explain the weird core of the gas giant.

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A massive collision may have made Jupiter's core so weird

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A few years ago we learned Jupiter’s core is much messier than expected. Now simulations suggest a huge collision with a planetary embryo could explain why

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A calligrapher embraces technology to grow business

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After falling haphazardly into the art of calligraphy, she succeeds by embracing her unique style and the latest tech


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