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Embryos set to be implanted in the last two northern white rhinos

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Fertilised eggs are set to be implanted in the two remaining northern white rhinos this year, with the hope of producing offspring

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Hairy, lab-grown human skin cell model could advance hair loss research

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A new, hair-sprouting dollop of human skin created in the lab might one day help prevent hair loss. An article describes the hairy creation as the first hair-baring human skin organoid made with pluripotent stem cells, or the master cells present during early stages of embryonic development that later turn into specific cell types.

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Former RNC chair says GOP will not be a governing majority again as long as it embraces Trumpism

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The future of the GOP is uncertain after last week's Capitol riot, says former RNC chair.

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Fossilised nest shows some dinosaurs sat on their eggs like birds do

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A fossil of a small dinosaur has been found on top of eggs containing late-stage embryos that developed at body temperature, confirming that some dinosaurs brooded eggs like birds

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Hockey, Rocked by Racist Acts, Embraces Black Lives Matter Campaigns

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To a degree not seen before, players are kneeling for the United States national anthem and speaking out publicly on fighting racism, with backing from the National Hockey League.

WATCH: Lovely moment as Shane Lowry embraces fellow Irishman Paul Dunne following British Masters win

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He secured a top 10 finish himself with a solid four days' golf, but you couldn't wipe the smile off Shane Lowry's face as Paul Dunne chipped in on the 18th green to win the British Masters.

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Breakthrough: Gene editing repairs mutation in human embryos

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For the first time, scientists have used CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing on human embryos to repair a mutation that causes a deadly heart condition.

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