Tuesday, 19 February 2019
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Embryo ‘Adoption’ Is Growing, but It’s Getting Tangled in the Abortion Debate

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Many agencies that offer donated embryos, including most of those supported by federal grants, are affiliated with Christian or anti-abortion rights organizations.

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The colorful history of pink

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Originally a symbol of the aristocracy, the color's later association with gender stereotypes would leave some seeing red; yet pink has become embraced by activists as representing power that cannot be ignored

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How the Donut Became Auto Racing’s Favorite Celebration

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Not everyone was a fan of the rubber-burning spins when they came to American circuits in the 1990s, but they were embraced with the help of two icons.

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Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Launches on Steam with Free Update

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1C Entertainment and RuneHeads embrace the darkness as story-driven dungeon crawler, Fall of Light, receives its biggest update yet for free, no less on Steam today.

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New free content hits Resident Evil 2

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Neil writes: "There is no doubt about it, the remade Resident Evil 2 has taken 2019 by storm, wowing players not just with it's immersive tales, but with some stunning visuals to boot. But what if you are still left harking back to the good old days? Well, Capcom have got you covered there too with a couple of pieces of free content that will allow the golden oldies to embrace the past."

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Is It Time We Embrace Video Game ROMs

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When people talk about piracy, its a contentious topic to be sure. When it comes to emulation, which certainly can be used for piracy, the issue is a bit more complicated.

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Using CRISPR to stop male calves being born may lower animal suffering

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Male cows and chickens are routinely killed soon after birth because they are not wanted, but it may be possible to prevent their embryos developing in the first place

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Sam Smith: 'I decided to reclaim my body'

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The singer says that he's decided to embrace "these hips and these curves" after previously "starving myself for weeks."

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Women could use their own uteruses as incubators for IVF embryos

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Instead of incubating pre-implantation IVF embryos in the lab, a new device lets women incubate them in their wombs - and it may improve pregnancy rates

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