Monday, 16 July 2018
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Farnborough 2018: United Airlines orders 25 E175 jets from Embraer

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Embraer and United Airlines have announced at the 2018 Farnborough Airshow that they have signed a firm order for 25 E175 jets in a 70-seat configuration.

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Farnborough 2018: Embraer predicts demand for 10,550 new aircraft

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Embraer has forecast demand for 10,550 new aircraft with up to 150 seats worldwide, worth US$600 billion, over the next 20 years.

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Gene editing embryonic stem cells might increase risk of cancer

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Genome editing with CRISPR may select for cells with mutations in a key anti-cancer gene, but now we know of this risk it should be possible to ensure treatments are still safe

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Parental chromosomes kept apart during embryo's first division

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It was long thought that during an embryo's first cell division, one spindle is responsible for segregating the embryo's chromosomes into two cells. Scientists now show that there are actually two spindles, one for each set of parental chromosomes, meaning that the genetic information from each parent is kept apart throughout the first division.

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Embrace the Volatility Window

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The markets are reacting to these more uncertain times, but long-term investors might want to use their opportunities to buy on the dips.

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Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki 'both charismatic and brutal'

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Isaias Afwerki has embraced Ethiopia's PM in a move that was unthinkable just weeks ago, but who is he?

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The Supreme Court and Sharia law: How a fake-news story spreads

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A bogus account began as a typo-ridden parody, but came to be embraced by millions.

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Can the Health Care Sector Embrace AI Technology?

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Organ regeneration is no longer a distant dream

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Researchers used live imaging of the Drosophila embryonic hindgut and computer simulations to clarify that a novel cellular behavior called 'cell sliding' was important for the LR asymmetric morphogenesis of the organ.

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Embryo breakthrough 'can save northern white rhino'

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The loss of the endangered northern white rhino could be reversed by IVF, say scientists.

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