Tuesday, 09 March 2021
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Race to Dubai: Lee Westwood wins Race to Dubai as Matthew Fitzpatrick seals DP World Tour Championship

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Watch as Lee Westwood clinches the Race to Dubai as Matthew Fitzpatrick wins the DP World Tour Championship event.

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How Dubai is making retirement easier for foreign nationals

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Dubai has long been a destination for expatriates, but lately there's been a growing trend towards residents choosing to stay for longer. September 2018 saw the creation of a renewable five-year retirement visa that came into effect a year later.

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Skydive pitch: budding entrepreneurs take the leap in Dubai

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Skydive pitch: budding entrepreneurs take the leap in Dubai

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Will consumer demand outstrip supply in the U.S. running up to Christmas?

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The Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. consumer spending and how that's impacting Taiwan - and a look at the growing Islamic economy. All in this episode of Business Line from Dubai.

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Dubai's growing Islamic Economy

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Valued at over €1.7 trillion the Islamic economy is big business. In this episode, Target talks to industry insiders hoping to position Dubai as a regional hub.

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Amy Hunt column: Training in Dubai, Olympic event decisions and the late-night essay grind

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Tokyo 2020 hopeful Amy Hunt on warm-weather training, late-night essay writing and a big call on her Olympic target.

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Virgin Hyperloop to make public debut at Smithsonian

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Virgin Hyperloop has announced that the passenger-carrying vehicle, dubbed Pegasus, will be making its public debut at the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building in November.

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New Sauropod Dinosaur Discovered in Uzbekistan

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Paleontologists have identified a new genus and species of rebbachisaurid dinosaur from a fossil uncovered in Uzbekistan. The newly-discovered dinosaur roamed Earth approximately 92 million years ago, during the Turonian stage of the Late Cretaceous epoch. Dubbed Dzharatitanis kingi, it belongs to Rebbachisauridae, a large family of plant-eating dinosaurs. A single isolated vertebra of the [...]

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Better measure of 'good cholesterol' can gauge heart attack and stroke risk in some populations

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For decades, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol has been dubbed 'good cholesterol' because of its role in moving fats and other cholesterol molecules out of artery walls. People with higher HDL cholesterol levels tend to have lower rates of cardiovascular disease, studies have shown.

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