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The legend of Saquon Barkley was born long before Penn State

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The NFL draft's top RB was a superstar long before Penn State in a tiny town still big enough to turn out a crowd almost double its size to honor him.


Why the Patriots need to solidify a post-Brady plan at QB

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The Patriots have the chips to make a move up for a quarterback in the draft, and that strategy is making more sense by the day.

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Colts: Trading No. 6 shows confidence in Luck

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The Colts traded down in this year's draft because they are certain about quarterback Andrew Luck's rehabilitation and future.

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Mary Shelley Makes a Polite Period Drama Out of One of History’s Wildest Teens

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At what point did the artist biopic settle into its current, cemented form? Watching Mary Shelley, the latest unsuccessful attempt to immortalize the teenage girl who created Frankenstein, it boggles the mind that anyone would try to make something mannered from her wild, sad, huge life, and yet that’s what ...


FARHOME Review - Farther Away From Originality | COGconnected

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FARHOME draws inspiration from other games but doesn't do anything new or interesting with these borrowed ideas, resulting in another VR shooter you can afford to miss.

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Saquon Barkley's Little Bro Is a Freak Athlete, Too!

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Saquon Barkley has a little bro ... and it's clear freak athletic talent runs in the family! The top RB in the draft was working out with his high school sophomore brother, Ali Barkley -- and showing off their insane bounce. Ali...

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The Good Fight Sneak Peek: Christine Baranski Conveys So Much Drama Without Uttering a Single Word

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Old wounds are reopened when Megan Hilty guest stars on The Good Fight. In the above exclusive sneak peek of The Good Fight's "Day 457," Smash veteran Hilty returns as Holly...

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Ryanair passenger pleads guilty to assaulting crew, grabbing flight attendant's behind while drunk

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He reportedly drank half a bottle of vodka and four ciders before boarding.

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How Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s Anthony Boyle Builds Sympathy for a Malfoy

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To get into the mind of his character in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Anthony Boyle thought about dogs. In the two-part play, Boyle routinely steals scenes as Scorpius Malfoy, son of Harry Potter’s regular school rival Draco, scion to a vast, vaguely evil lineage — though Scorpius is ...


Code Vein Gets New 1080p Screenshots Revealing Mido, Combo Drain, Souls-Like Combat and More

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A new batch of 1080p screenshots of Code Vein reveals Mido and his boosted revenants, combo drain, special attacks, and more.

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