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Russia uses FBI Trump raid to 'foment discord' and 'amplify tensions' in US, expert says

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An expert warns that the Kremlin is likely behind Russian media outlets offering support to former President Donald Trump amid the raid on his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

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Leo Terrell: FBI's Trump raid was 'one of the darkest days' in US history

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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell weighed in on the FBI's raid of former President Donald Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago Sunday on "Life, Liberty & Levin."

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Trump lashes out at FBI amid fallout from Mar-a-Lago raid: 'See what they were willing to do'

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Former President Donald Trump wrote a series of posts on social media that scrutinized the FBI, describing it as a "corrupt" and claiming it is intentionally targeting him.

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Lawrence Jones: Justice is being applied unequally between Trump and Clinton

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Fox News host Lawrence Jones recalled the lack of accountability over Hillary Clinton's email scandal amid the FBI's raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home on "Cross Country."

Dan Bongino: The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was 'tyranny,' not law enforcement

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Dan Bongino says the FBI's raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence wasn't law enforcement, but “tyranny," Saturday on "Unfiltered."

Brian Kilmeade: DOJ and FBI enabling hypocritical Democrats to live like they are 'above the law'

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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade looked at previous raids similar to the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in the opening monologue of "One Nation."

Donald Trump-Supporting Boater Buzzes Through SpaceX Splashdown Zone, Prompting Outrage

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Crew Dragon splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday after spending two months on the International Space Station. But before the two crew members aboard the capsule were confirmed to be successfully recovered, dozens of boats swarmed the splashdown zone, one with a large blue banner with "Trump" emblazoned across it.
The crowd of seacraft prompted outrage among those who believe that the vehicles could have put the recovery efforts in jeopardy.
As reported, as the recovery team scrambled to recover NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, the scene in the area was chaotic. It wasn't clear why private crafts were allowed to be in the zone, but as some noted on social media, they could have prevented rescue teams from doing their job.
On top of that, there is the possibility of toxic propellant reaching the public from the spacecraft's thrusters, which are used to slow the craft as it nears the water.
"The one thing you can count on with Trump supporters is extreme selfish entitlement," wrote one person.
Emre Kelly, who covers space topics for USA Today, was following the event closely while commenting on social media. He noted that the crew had splashed down before realizing that a boat flying a Trump banner had buzzed through the spot.
"Am I seeing this correctly? Did a private boat flying a Trump flag just approach Crew Dragon then have to be forced out?" he . "Yup. Sounds like those private boats are being asked to vacate the area. Not cool."
"I hope all of you understand how serious of a problem this is. On a good day, it's dangerous for the SpaceX recovery crew + boat. On a less good day, they'd seriously impede on emergency operations and likely be affected in the process. This. Isnt. Funny," another person following the crew's landing.
Other commenters mused about why the landing spot was made public and why boats were being allowed to be in the region. Many wondered where the Coast Guard was during the landing. Some questioned the intellect of the boater.
The astronauts landed in the gulf as the first splashdown in 45 years. The two men left the ISS 20 hours prior after completing the first crewed spaceflight from the U.S. since the space shuttle program was retired in 2011.
The Crew Dragon were into space in May and performed various experiments while they were aboard the space station, before returning to Earth, where they were successfully recovered.

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President Donald Trump Reveals 11 Winners Of 'Fake News Awards,' Causing GOP Website To Crash

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President Donald Trump has finally revealed all 11 winners of his "Fake News Awards," causing so much ripple online to the point of breaking the GOP website.
According to Entertainment Weekly, the 71-year-old POTUS made the announcement on Wednesday night via Twitter and shared a link where the list of his most hated media outlets and personalities are featured.
Interestingly, the shortly after he made the announcement, proving that his made-up awards have gained so much attention that the GOP's could not handle it.
Fortunately, a couple of media outlets were quick at grabbing the full list of "winners" that includes the New York Times, CNN, TIME, ABC News, the Washington Post, and Newsweek.
On the top spot is NY Times columnist and American economist Paul Krugman who "claimed" that the country's economy will never recover on the same day Trump became president with a "historic, landslide victory."
ABC News' Brian Ross is the first runner-up after he allegedly "chokes and sends markets in a downward spiral with false report" while CNN is at third place for reporting about the POTUS and his son, Donald J. Trump Jr., having access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.
After that, President Donald Trump's next Fake News award was handed to TIME for "falsely" reporting about the 71-year-old Republican removing a Martin Luther King Jr. bust from the Oval Office.
Next on the list is the Washington Post for reportedly showing Trump's sold-out rally in Pensacola, Florida to be empty by taking photos of the scene "hours before the crowd started pouring."
In the same manner, the made-up awards stated how CNN allegedly edited a footage that shows how the president "defiantly overfed fish during a visit with the Japanese prime minister," explaining that it was actually the Japanese leader who led the manner of feeding.
CNN was given two more spots in Donald Trump's Fake News Awards, including a retracted report about Anthony Scaramucci's meeting with a Russian at No. 7 and one about former FBI Director James Comey disputing the POTUS's statement about not being investigated at No. 9.
Taking the eighth spot is Newsweek for reporting that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda refused to shake Trump's hand and at No. 10 is the New York Times stating how the current administration reportedly hid a climate report.
Finally, the "last, but not least" is the controversial Russia Collusion, which is "the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people," according to the list.
The GOP has released a statement about an unprecedented amount of traffic that caused their website to crash, explaining that the interest in Donald Trump's Fake News Awards had been a lot greater than anticipated.
While the president may have intended it to shame the media outlets and personalities he named in his made-up awards, it appeared to have the exact opposite effect. In fact, the Inquisitr reported about several comedians and reporters have actually in the Fake News Awards, including Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show's Trevor Noah who both made "For Your Consideration" ads prior to the announcement.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Republicans who the creation of such awards and every step Trump made to attack the media only makes matters worse, based on a report from the Radio Times.
"Reporters around the world face intimidation, threats of violence, harassment, persecution and sometimes even death as governments resort to brutal censorship to silence the truth," Arizona Senator John McCain in an op-ed for the Washington Post.
Arizona Senator Jeff Flake echoed his sentiment during his privilege speech on Wednesday at the Senate."It beggars belief that an American president would engage in such a spectacle."This article will be updated once President Donald Trump's "Fake News Awards" is up and running again.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Says 'Evidence' Of Alien UFO 'Wreckage' Is Being Held By U.S. Government

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Controversial Fox News host has been known to embrace eccentric . On his own program in June of this year, Carlson went on a , calling it "tyranny." But in last week's episode of the History Channel program Ancient Aliens, Carlson appeared to support an even farther-out theory.
In an interview with British journalist Nick Pope that aired on the November 22 edition of Ancient Aliens, Carlson claimed that a "knowledgeable" source has told him that the United States government possesses physical evidence that alien spacecraft have landed on Earth — or at least, crash-landed.
"I've heard this from someone who I think is knowledgeable on the subject that there is physical evidence that the U.S. government is holding, um, that, you know, would tell us a lot more - about what these objects are," Carlson told Pope on the program, as seen in the video excerpt below on this page.
Pope then asked Carlson if he was referring to UFO "wreckage."
"That is correct," Tucker told the Ancient Aliens interviewer.
Of course, Carlson's openness to the existence of UFOs and aliens on Earth is not new. In July, Carlson interviewed Donald Trump for a segment, raising the subject with him.
Trump told Carlson at the time that he did not consider himself a "believer" in UFOs, and said, "personally, I tend to doubt" that aliens have visited Earth in spaceships. But Trump left the door open, adding, "you know, I guess anything is possible."
Carlson also asked Trump if he believed the claim that the government was holding UFO wreckage in an Air Force facility. But Trump replied, "I don't assume it's correct."
Nonetheless, Trump told Carlson that he had "an open mind" on the subject.
At the time of Carlson's interview, the U.S. Defense Department had recently briefed Trump on a series of sightings by Navy pilots of objects in the sky that they could not identify. The objects appeared to be moving at "hypersonic speeds," according to the Fox News report on Carlson's interview with Trump.
In 2007, the Central Intelligence Agency issued a report documenting the intelligence agency's own investigations of the UFO phenomenon. The 84-page report, which remains available to read online via , notes that at least two U.S. presidents — Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter — claimed that they had experienced UFO sightings.
The study acknowledged "documents" that claimed to prove "the recovery of UFO wreckage" from an alleged Roswell, New Mexico, crash site. But the CIA report said that, "most if not all of these documents have proved to be fabrications."

Where Is the FBI's Rubicon?

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Will the astonishing raid on Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's Palm Beach residence, be the line in the sand, the Rubicon? Maybe. But probably not

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