Sunday, 18 February 2018
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President, or luxury towers? Either way, Trump is the rage in India

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February 18, 2018 12:28 PM
GURGAON, INDIA (NYTIMES) - When the Trump family jet lands in India this week, the family member taking a tour of the world's largest democracy - with a Secret Service detail in tow - won't be the president on a diplomatic mission. It will be his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, on a sales trip.


Russia's electoral interference requires Trump answer Mueller's questions

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Our democracy was attacked during the 2016 election. We need to know how successful the Russians really were.

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Freedom House Turns Partisan

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& , National Review
Freedom House, once admirably non-partisan, now favors the Left in its assessments of democracy in free nations ...

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Let's Be Honest: Dems Don't Actually Care About DREAMers

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, Federalist
The Democratic Party is having an identity crisis. For the past couple of months, Democrats have loudly declared protecting so-called DREAMers — children who entered this country illegally when younger than 18 — is their top priority. President Trump has made it clear he will sign a bill that accomodates these young people, and many Republicans are willing and eager to put together a proposal that does just that. So why hasn’t the Democratic Party gotten it done? The answer is simple: they don’t actually care about DREAMers. Their fixation with these young people is...

There's Nothing Futile About the Gun Debate

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, The Week
A belief in the futility of action inevitably becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So Democrats: Just try.

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The Best and Worst Aspect About Democrats' and Republicans' Plans to Fix Social Security

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The core Democrat and GOP fix for Social Security would work well if lawmakers could find a middle ground.


As support falls, German SPD sees 'no Plan B' to Merkel coalition

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Support for Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) hit a record low, a poll showed, and the party's leader-in-waiting said she had "no Plan B" should members reject a coalition deal with Angela Merkel's conservatives.


Why is Ethiopia in upheaval? This brief history explains a lot.

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So what comes next -- opening to democracy, or a crackdown on the opposition?

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Italian elections and the crisis of European democracy

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The grave state of affairs in Italy ahead of the elections is yet another sign that European democracy is in crisis.


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