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Review: State of Mind | Hardcore Gamer

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Hardcore Gamer's Adnan Riaz writes: "Daedalics fixation with transhumanism takes State of Mind and puts it in a similar bracket as many of its counterparts that have created an advanced tech-infused world. Its storytelling features elements found in stories like Deus Ex and Blade Runner, yet the studio doesnt feel the need to imitate them or use them as a template for the titles narrative."

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Police can now track killers using relatives’ DNA – but should they?

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Genetic genealogy services are rapidly becoming a key source of forensic evidence, but do we really want the police to have access to everyone's DNA?

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Woman, 19, faked kidnapping, sent ransom notes to extort father

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A 19-year-old Southern Kentucky woman who police said wanted to make some quick money faked her kidnapping, even writing her own ransom notes to her family.


Generating DNA sequence data in the developing world

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For many laboratories in the developing world, lack of funding and practical experience are hurdles to generating their own DNA sequence data. However, the financial, technical, and logistical burden of producing sequence data has dropped precipitously in recent years. Researchers compared methods for generating sequence data in a study in West Java, Indonesia, and present a practical workflow allowing scientists with limited resources to build capacity to produce DNA sequence data in their own laboratories.

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RUNX proteins act as regulators in DNA repair

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A study has revealed that RUNX proteins are regulators in efficient DNA repair via the Fanconi Anemia (FA) pathway.

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Key mechanism of DNA replication discovered

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Researchers have uncovered a key control mechanism of DNA replication with potential implications for better understanding how cells maintain genetic information to prevent diseases or cancer.

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Boy who vanished in 1979 found in grave 765 miles from home

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DNA testing has confirmed that unidentified remains in a pauper’s grave in Georgia belong to a 15-year-old Michigan boy who ran away from home after school nearly 40 years ago, authorities said.

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Byproducts of 'junk DNA' implicated in cancer spread

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Biologists have revealed that enhancer RNAs play a significant role in cancer dissemination. The researchers found that eRNAs have a direct role in the activation of genes that are important for tumor development. This role is facilitated by the ability of eRNAs to directly interact with BRD4, a protein known as a cancer disseminator. BRD4 has been recognized as a promising cancer target.

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