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From sperm donor to 'Dad': When strangers with shared DNA become a family

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"There’s no social script for any of these scenarios," said the founder of a support group for donor-conceived children.

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A record-long polymer DNA negative

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A fragment of a single strand of DNA, built of the nucleobases cytosine and guanine, can be imprinted in a polymer, researchers have shown. The resulting artificial negative, with a record-long length, functions chemically like a normal strand of deoxyribonucleic acid.

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DNA editing before birth could one day massively expand lifespans

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If it becomes possible to make dozens of changes to DNA, future generations could live much longer before they succumb to diseases of old age such as cancer

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Is studying your gut bacteria key to good health or a waste of money?

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Forget your own genome – now you can pay to sequence the DNA of the microbes in your gut and get advice on which foods to eat for better health

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Prague rallies against embattled Czech PM

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Andrej Babis denies allegations that he committed fraud, then had his son kidnapped in a cover-up.

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Skin tans the most when spending every other day out of the sun

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A study suggests your skin tans most when you spend every other day out of the sun, which has the added effect of reducing DNA damage and premature ageing

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Dodging antibiotic resistance by curbing bacterial evolution

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Lowering mutation rates in harmful bacteria might be an as yet untried way to hinder the emergence of antimicrobial pathogens. One target for drug development might be a protein factor, DNA translocase Mfd, that enables bacteria to evolve rapidly by promoting mutations in many different bacterial species. This action speeds antibiotic resistance, including multi-drug resistance. Working on drugs to block Mfd and similar factors could be a revolutionary strategy to address the worldwide crisis of treatment-resistant infectious diseases.

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Engineered DNA-encoded PCSK9 inhibitors may provide an effective alternative for treating high cholesterol

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Researchers have developed novel synthetic DNA-encoded monoclonal antibodies (DMAbs) directed against PCSK9, a protein key to regulating cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Results of preclinical studies showed a significant cholesterol decrease, opening the door for further development of this approach as a simple, less frequent and cost-effective therapy.

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DNA of world's oldest natural mummy unlocks secrets of Ice Age tribes in the Americas

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A wide ranging international study that genetically analysed the DNA of a series of famous and controversial ancient remains across North and South America has discovered that the Spirit Cave remains -- the world's oldest natural mummy - was a Native American. They were also able to dismiss a longstanding theory that a group called Paleoamericans existed in North America before Native Americans.

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