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Comprehensive review of the future of CRISPR technology in crops

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CRISPR is thought of as 'molecular scissors' used to cut and edit DNA, but researchers are now looking far beyond these applications. In a new comprehensive review, they explore the current state of CRISPR in crops, and how scientists can enhance traditional breeding techniques in nontraditional ways to a growing population in the face of climate change, diseases, and pests.

Big picture genetic scoring approach reliably predicts heart disease

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Polygenic risk scores -- genetic risk scores that take into account variations in a person's entire DNA -- are able to predict coronary artery disease in those who have not yet had heart attacks. Polygenic risk scores are not as accurate at predicting second heart attacks. With further research and refinement, polygenetic risk scores could help individualize and target lifestyle modifications and therapies aimed at preventing and managing heart disease.

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R. Kelly's girlfriends deny eviction reports

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The singer was taken into custody on Thursday and indicted on federal charges including sexual exploitation of a child and kidnapping.

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DNA replication machinery captured at atom-level detail

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Life depends on double-stranded DNA unwinding and separating into single strands that can be copied for cell division. Scientists have determined at atomic resolution the structure of machinery that drives the process.

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Study gives insight into sun-induced DNA damage and cell repair

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New research has provided a better understanding of the dynamic process by which sunlight-induced DNA damage is recognized by the molecular repair machinery in cells as needing repair.

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DNA shows remains found at Virginia trash incinerator are those of missing toddler

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DNA analysis has confirmed that remains found at a trash incinerator belong to a missing 2-year-old boy, Virginia police said.

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Gene-edited chicken cells resist bird flu virus in the lab

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Scientists have used gene-editing techniques to stop the bird flu virus from spreading in chicken cells grown in the lab. The team prevented the virus from taking hold by deleting a section of chicken DNA inside lab-grown cells.

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R. Kelly accused of kidnapping, forced labor, sexually abusing girls

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The singer and members of his entourage are accused of recruiting women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity with the performer

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R. Kelly charged with sex trafficking

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The Brooklyn racketeering indictment includes multiple allegations dating back 20 years, and includes the sexual exploitation of a child and kidnapping.

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