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Asylum seekers cling to hope, safety in camp at U.S.-Mexico border

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Even after he was kidnapped and robbed outside the makeshift migrant camp where he had slept for two weeks, Luis Osorto decided his only chance for eventual asylum in the United States was to stay put along the border just inside Mexico.


How do we feed the world without destroying it?

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Hunger is the most awful and profound expression of poverty. It exists in every country. It is something that most people can identify with on some perhaps primordial level. It is innate. The fear of hunger is etched into our DNA, passed down the generations from hungry, scared ancestors. It is in...

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Pennsylvania man charged in decades-old rape case after DNA links him to attack

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Decades after a woman was raped near the University of Delaware campus, police identified a suspect based on DNA and "cutting-edge technology."


"48 Hours" Live to Tell: The Chowchilla Kidnapping

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“48 Hours” Live to Tell: Twenty-six school children abducted and buried alive in a truck trailer by three young men. An incredible survival story. CBS News' David Begnaud reports.


DNA testing could exonerate man 13 years after he was executed for rape, murder

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After Sedley Alley's execution in 2006 for Suzanne Marie Collins' murder, a judge now heard DNA testing arguments from the Innocence Project.

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Sperm and egg cell 'immune response' protects koala DNA

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Discovery of a type of immunity that protects koalas' DNA from viruses has importance for the survival of koalas and our fundamental understanding of evolution. A team of scientists are studying tissue samples from koalas to understand how a unique type of cell responds to retrovirus infections, which cause diseases such as chlamydia and cancer.

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DNA fracturing rewires gene control in cancer

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A multi-institutional team has brought attention to genomic structural variation as a previously unappreciated mechanism involved in altering DNA methylation, a form of gene control, in human cancers.

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California man who escaped to Mexico after alleged kidnapping, rape of teen girl arrested, investigators say

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California authorities on Monday announced the arrest of a man who fled to Mexico to avoid arrest in the 2002 rape of a 16-year-old girl.


Jayme Closs, 1 year after her kidnapping and parents' murder: 'I feel stronger every day'

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Jayme Closs — the Wisconsin girl who was kidnapped and held hostage for several months after her parents were murdered in front of her — says she's feeling "stronger every day" as she marks one year since the horrific night that changed her life.


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