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Vanquish - PC Performance Analysis

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DSOGaming writes: "Vanquish is a game that was released on old-gen consoles in 2010. Due to major performance issues on those consoles, however, a lot of gamers wanted to play this game on the PC. Come to think of it, Vanquish was one of most requested games to be ported from old-gen consoles to the PC. Still, and despite that huge demand, SEGA was not moved at all until recently. So, fast forward seven years and here we are today with Vanquish finally being released on the PC."


There's FIFA 18 - and there's EA Sports FIFA on the Nintendo Switch

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Ever since EA announced FIFA for the Switch, there have been questions surrounding exactly what kind of game owners of Nintendo's new console can expect.


Nintendo Teaches Us How to Attach and Detach The Switch's Joy-Con Straps

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Nintendo teaches Switch newcomers how to fast the seat belts of their new console.


The Switch Rises from Wii U's Ashes

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The Wii U was a Nintendo console that failed to garner mainstream success when compared to the stellar numbers of the Wii. The Nintendo Wii sold over 100 million units and came at a cheaper price point, introduced motion controls, and is one of the most accessible consoles to date. The Wii U introduced a touch screen tablet like controller, backwards compatibility with Wii, NFC, and allowed games to be played on the tablet or on a TV. The console never caught on and will be remembered as a black mark on Nintendo's history, but will be remembered for having a stellar catalog of games. The Wii U will most likely live on as a nostalgic console that a select few loved, like the Sega Dreamcast. Let us take a look at Wii U's life cycle from its E3 reveal to the revelation of the Nintendo Switch; which is on a better track to outsell Wii U's lifetime sales.


Nintendo Switch Version Of Street Fighter 2 Out Now

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If you've been looking for a fighting game to play on Switch, today's your day. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is available now on Nintendo's console.


Destiny 2 Not Releasing On Steam Is the Best Thing for PC Gamers

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Gadgets 360 says: " Sure, you might just boycott Destiny 2 on the PC anyway, but in doing so, youre essentially casting your vote for the future of PC gaming to be utterly dominated by Gabe Newell and friends, with Steam's restrictive practises, and poor policies, instead of the PC being an open platform, unlike consoles."


Shadow Warrior 2 Review (PS4) - GearNuke

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Shadow Warrior 2 is finally out on consoles but it is not a smooth transition. While the base game is solid and still holds well from the original PC release, the console port is buggy and the long load times and technical issues can get in the way of enjoying the game.

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How a struggling console translated into high sales for Rain Games' Teslagrad

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During a live-streamed interview, Rain Games CEO Peter Wingaard Meldahl offered a look back at just how the Wii U ended up becoming the most profitable platform for the studios first game, Teslagrad. As explored in the video above, Meldahl notes that Teslagrads Wii U success was partly due to the fact a large chunk of the games audience owned the system, but he says that a huge boost came from how much visibility the game was able to get from Nintendos eShop itself.


Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy on PS4 will have 3 Platinum Trophies

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CRASH BANDICOOT will return on PS4 consoles later this June with the N Sane Trilogy release and the game's producer Kara Massie has revealed one giant PS4 bonus for fans.

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Ultra Street Fighter II: Exactly The Kind Of Game The Switch Needs, Pity About The Price | Forbes

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Forbes: "Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, one of my most anticipated games for the console has been Ultra Street Fighter II. Mainly because I hoped it would exemplify the local multiplayer setup that this new console offers. Well, it turns out the full game is a bit of a mixed bag."


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