Sunday, 18 August 2019
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Do something! Macron urged to take action over EU migrant crisis - ‘Stop the suffering!’

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EMMANUEL MACRON has been urged to take rapid action on the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, with senior French conservative Guillaume Larrivé saying France should lead efforts to better organise migration flows. 


Campus conservatives aren't under siege — but they are lonely

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If academics truly believe in education through diversity, they should want to ensure that students are exposed to a broad range of political views.

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Campus conservatives aren't under siege — but academia's left-wing bias is a problem

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If academics truly embrace education through diversity, they should want to ensure that colleges reflect the ideological variation of their society.

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Rush Limbaugh blasts CNN's Cuomo, takes credit for 'Fredo' dig at host

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Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh criticized CNN anchor Chris Cuomo after he reacted angrily to a man calling him "Fredo" Tuesday and took credit for the moniker, saying he coined it after Cuomo hosted a show in Cuba.

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Trump, Fox News and the conservative paranoia that got the 'The Hunt' canceled

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Trump's misreading of the film no doubt reflects his own persecution complex and television watching habits.

In video of Chris Cuomo rant, Trump sees double standard for conservatives, liberals

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President Trump, on Tuesday, blasted what he indicated was a double standard in the way that conservatives and liberals were treated in the press, pointing to the fallout the CNN anchor Chris Cuomo saw after an expletive-filled video of him surfaced.

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Ruth Davidson says she hopes Boris Johnson has 'Prince Hal' character transformation as PM

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Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has said she hopes Boris Johnson will experience a character transformation similar to that of "young Prince Hal".

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‘So I think I was fine’: Trump defends promoting baseless conspiracy theory about Epstein’s death

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The president told reporters that on Saturday he retweeted a message from ‘a very highly respected conservative pundit” and “a big Trump fan.”

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[Opinion] UK MPs' maths means election, not no-deal Brexit

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Parliamentary arithmetic at Westminster, and societal pressures from the likes of Welsh sheep-farmers, Northern Irish cattle breeders, London business groups and Scottish Conservatives combine to push a motion of no-confidence in the prime minister by mid-October at the very latest.

Trump shares controversial video recasting his Charlottesville comments

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The video, produced by a conservative organization, claims journalists committed “malfeasance” by saying Trump had referred to neo-Nazis as “very fine people.”

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