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A third of Antarctic ice shelves risk collapsing due to climate change

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Around a third of the ice shelves holding back huge glaciers in Antarctica are at risk of collapse if the world fails to take sufficient action on climate change

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Wildfires could become a big threat in the UK due to climate change

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Climate change is projected to drive a large increase in fire danger across the whole of the UK, with projections suggesting the south and east of England may be hit the hardest

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Study says bitcoin could derail China's climate change targets

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Bitcoin emissions in China exceed the total emissions of the Czech Republic and Qatar, study says.

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Addressing the Intersecting Challenges of Climate Crisis, Housing, and Social Equity

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Recent sessions of the RBA/Northeastern University series featured speakers from Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City. They described how inclusive design can help build social infrastructure and capital, enabling communities to tackle big challenges such as climate change, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and homelessness. Their comments reinforced the value of visionary leadership, engaging and empowering people, and design thinking—all key themes from previous sessions on , and .


Bill Gates issues stark warning that hard work of zero emissions has ‘barely begun’

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BILL GATES has warned the hard work toward getting zero emissions has "barely begun" in his latest message about climate change.


Adoption of green infrastructure tracked

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Researchers examined green infrastructure (GI) adoption in Tucson, Arizona, an interesting case study where grassroots efforts have driven policy change in a growing urban area surrounded by water-constrained desert. GI is slowly transitioning from a fringe activity to an important part of how municipalities deal with water and climate change. Tucson provides a peek into the future of GI in the Southwest and the country.

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Pollinators are our secret weapon in the fight against global warming

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Pollinators have a critical, but largely unappreciated, role to play when it comes to climate change, says ecologist Jeff Ollerton

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We don't know how most mammals will respond to climate change, warn scientists

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A new scientific review has found there are significant gaps in our knowledge of how mammal populations are responding to climate change, particularly in regions most sensitive to climate change.

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How Could a House Work in a Post Climate Change Scenario?

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Climatic conditions are changing around the world, and with more extreme temperatures and limited resources, architectural and urban solutions must also change. How could our homes look and function effectively in a post-climate change scenario? Analyzing in detail the forecasts of these climatic variations, the architects of have developed a Low-Tech habitat proposal for humid, hot, and arid climates, incorporating bio-materials, transportable solutions, and configurations that promote life in small and resilient communities.


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