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The full story on climate change requires the long view

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Researchers offer a new calculation that provides the long view of what nine different world regions have contributed to climate change since 1900. They also show how that breakdown will likely look by 2100 under various emission scenarios.

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Antarctic climate change: Scientists visit the world's most remote island

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Studying ice cores on a small island in the South Atlantic will help us understand why Antarctica's glaciers are melting.

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Climate change

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As representatives gather in Poland for talks on climate change, we look at how hot the world has got and what can we can all do to tackle global warming.

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| The new abnormal: why fires like Paradise will happen again and again

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Of the traumatic consequences of climate change, scientists consider increasingly ferocious wildfires to be one of the most starkly apparent
Ruth McLarty, an experienced surgeon, was fairly certain she was about to die in a particularly grisly way. Surrounded by a hellish inferno of burning trees and cars, McLarty reasoned the flames would engulf her long before the smoke could choke her to death.
Trapped in nearby vehicles, some of McLarty’s colleagues made similarly macabre calculations. Two nurses, stuck in the back of a stalled police car, contemplated shooting each other. Another nurse rolled down her window and gulped in the smoke. McLarty edged her car away from a burning wreckage, fired off some final messages to her sister and called her daughter, who said she could hear the roar of the blaze over the phone.
Of the 10 most destructive fires in California’s history, five have occurred since October last year

I grew up in this state and you’d never really get fires like this in November or December

The gene helping submerged plants

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Climate change threatens plants as the risks of flooding increase. A new study shows that special genes are key to keeping plants from withering, remaining healthy and resistant to a lack of oxygen when they are underwater for a period of long time. Developing tolerant plant varieties that have this gene will increase harvest and will be increasingly important as the changing climate leads to more rainfall.


Climate change summit ends with nearly 200 countries supporting Paris accord

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Diplomats from nearly 200 countries have reached a major agreement to keep the 2015 Paris accord alive. Officials wrapped up a global summit in Poland over the weekend. Axios energy and climate reporter Amy Harder attended the summit and joins CBSN from Washington with details.


[Ticker] Polish climate talks end in agreement on rulebook

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Two weeks of talks between 196 countries and the EU in Katowice, Poland, ended on Saturday in a show of unity and agreement on a 'Paris rulebook' - putting the landmark 2015 Paris accord on climate change into practice. Scientists and some negotiators warned it won't be enough to stop global warming. EU commissioner Miguel Arias Canete called it a "success for multilateralism and the global fight against climate change".

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| Weatherwatch: stormy future could disrupt Hebridean lifeline

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The Western Isles depend on the CalMac ferry services for vital supplies and the service keeps going in all weathers. But climate change could mean trouble ahead
Anyone who has been to the islands off Scotland’s west coast will be familiar with . On a clear still day in summer there can be no better way (for the price of a ferry ticket) to view the beauty of the mountains and islands set against clear blue water. But winter brings a different face to the Sea of the Hebrides, which can be amongst the roughest in the world. Despite this, CalMac as the service is known, keeps going because there is no other way of supplying the islands and carrying back fish and other exports essential to the islands’ economy.
These crossings are frequently not for the faint hearted, but of the 79,203 ferry crossings between January and the end of July this year fewer than 2,000 were cancelled because of the weather. The major problem for these ferries in rough seas is safe docking at the island harbours, often on exposed slipways, which is why most terminals are built in the lee of the islands, away from the full force of westerly gales. CalMac, , is saying cancellations are more likely in future as climate change makes winter storms increasingly violent, and more sweep in from the north-east and the south, making safe docking impossible.

| Why rising seas will force coastal residents to move – or spend

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In the fourth part of our series looking at the climate report Trump tried to bury over Thanksgiving, we examine how sea-level rise will reshape the population
The Trump administration published a major report on climate change the day after Thanksgiving. We will explore the key findings each day this week.
Donald Trump doesn’t believe his own government’s major report on climate change – which the administration tried to bury over the Thanksgiving break. It warns that rising temperatures are America and will cause huge damage globally.

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