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Ocasio-Cortez calls climate change ‘our World War II,’ warns the world will end in 12 years

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY spoke out about her desires to tackle climate change, comparing it to World War II.

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'A List' climate change firms outperform on stock market: survey

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Apple, L'Oreal and Mitsubishi Electric are among more than 120 global firms which scored top marks in a ranking of corporate efforts to slow climate change.

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Social and environmental costs of hydropower are underestimated, study shows

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Study shows that deforestation, loss of biodiversity and economic damage done to communities living near dams have not been factored into the cost of these projects. Large dams also ignore the effects of climate change.

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Switching to a home battery won't help save the world from climate change

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Home energy storage systems might save you money, but under current policies, they would also often increase carbon emissions.

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Sir David Attenborough tells Davos: the Garden of Eden is no more

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Sir David Attenborough has warned that "the Garden of Eden is no more" as he urged world leaders to make a renewed push to tackle climate change.

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The rough with the smooth

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The UK claims to be a leader in climate change - but is it?

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Davos 2019 World Economic Forum agenda: From climate change to Brexit, here are this year's most pressing topics

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Thousands of the world's power players will descend on the small Swiss town of Davos for the annual World Economic Forum.

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South Korean farmers see boost in banana crop

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Climate change could make South Korea a banana producer.

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| Katharine Hayhoe: 'A thermometer is not liberal or conservative'

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The award-winning atmospheric scientist on the urgency of the climate crisis and why people are her biggest hope
is an atmospheric scientist and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University. She has contributed to more than 125 scientific papers and won numerous prizes for her science communication work. In 2018 she was a contributor to the US National Climate Assessment and was awarded the for outstanding climate science communication.
In 2018, we have seen ; record high temperatures in parts of Australia, Africa and the US; ; and devastating droughts in South Africa and Argentina. Is this a turning point?
This year has hit home how climate change loads the dice against us by taking naturally occurring weather events and amplifying them. We now have attribution studies that show how much more likely or stronger extreme weather events have become as a result of human emissions. For example, in the western US now burn nearly twice the area they would without climate change, and almost 40% more rain fell during Hurricane Harvey than would have otherwise. So we are really feeling the impacts and know how much humanity is responsible.
Fossil fuels have brought us many benefits ... but the solution to our current crisis is to stop using them. That is scary

More than 250,000 people may die each year due to climate change

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In the coming decades, more than a quarter-million people may die each year as a result of climate change , according to a new review study.

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