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Warren compares herself, 'green manufacturing plan' to JFK and Apollo mission

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., suggested on Saturday that her plan to combat climate change was analogous to former President John F. Kennedy's efforts to put a man on the moon.

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| ‘Goats are the best tool’: grazers in high demand to reduce US wildfire risk

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In the face of climate change and deadly fires, states from California to Colorado are turning hungry animals loose on the countryside
As the western US braces for another wildfire season, following its most devastating on record, public officials and private landowners are turning to an unlikely, rustic tool to manage increasingly incendiary lands.

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Record-high temperatures could scorch U.S. economy

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Climate change has the potential to sap the U.S. economy more than tariffs or other man-made threats


Powell: Severe weather poses risks to Fed-supervised institutions

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Fed chair Jerome Powell answers questions from Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) about the risk of climate change and severe weather on the Fed.

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Summer heatwaves show climate change impact is already here: Academic

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Bob Ward of the London School of Economics discusses Britain's scorching heatwave.

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Climate change may thin high-altitude clouds and trigger more warming

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The climate could warm more than models suggest, because as temperatures rise, high-altitude clouds will reflect less sunlight back into space

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Heat Waves in the Age of Climate Change: Longer, More Frequent and More Dangerous

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The average number of heat waves in 50 major American cities has tripled since the 1960s.

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Climate change to blame for displacement of 55 species in UK

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A total of 55 animal species in the UK have been displaced from their natural ranges or enabled to arrive for the first time on UK shores because of climate change over the last 10 years (2008-2018) -- as revealed in a new study.

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Rising CO2, climate change projected to reduce availability of nutrients worldwide

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The most comprehensive synthesis of climate change impacts on the global availability of nutrients to date finds that, over the next 30 years, climate change and higher CO2 could significantly reduce the availability of critical nutrients, representing another challenge to global development and the fight to end undernutrition.

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74 trillion tons of fake snow over Antarctic could 'save coastal cities' from climate change, researchers say

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Spraying trillions of tons of fake snow may sound like something cooked up by a novelist writing about the year 2150, but according to a new study, it could stave off global sea rise and protect coastal cities.

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