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Scientists study fish to learn how to adapt to the impacts of climate change

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Freshwater biodiversity is rapidly declining worldwide, and nature-based solutions which increase the resilience of ecological communities are becoming increasingly important in helping communities prepare for the unavoidable effects of climate change.

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| Climate change poses risk to Australia's financial stability, warns RBA deputy governor

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Guy Debelle urges policymakers and business to address global warming as a trend rather than a temporary weather cycle
A deputy governor of Australia’s central bank that climate change poses risks to financial stability, noting that warming needs to be thought of by policymakers and business as a trend and not a cyclical event.
As fractures the Morrison government, Guy Debelle warned a forum hosted by the Centre for Policy Development on Tuesday that climate change created risks for Australia’s financial stability in a number of different ways.

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| Climate change making storms like Idai more severe, say experts

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Destructive power of storms likely to increase in future as world warms up
The climate crisis that is driving and more is making deadly storms like the one that more severe, according to experts.
Cyclone Idai, the tropical storm that ravaged , Malawi and Zimbabwe, has been described as the to hit the southern hemisphere, and the UN says more than 2 million people have been affected. Storm-surge floods of up to six metres have caused widespread devastation.

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Messages of stewardship affect Christians' attitudes about climate change

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Christians' attitudes toward the environment and climate change are shaped by whether they hold a view of humans as having stewardship of the Earth or dominion over the planet, and reading material from religious sources advocating a stewardship interpretation can increase their concern for environmental issues, a new study found.

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Few pathways to an acceptable climate future without immediate action

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A new comprehensive study of climate change has painted over 5 million pictures of humanity's potential future, and few foretell an Earth that has not severely warmed. But with immediate action and some luck, there are pathways to a tolerable climate future, according to a research team.

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Some in GOP buck Trump, seek ways to fight climate change and Green New Deal

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Ever since Democrats began promoting the Green New Deal last year, more House GOP lawmakers have been willing to say four little words: "Climate change is real." And they're warning their party to push for alternative solutions before it's too late.

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Forests are becoming less able to bounce back from wildfires

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Climate change is causing forests around the world to lose their ability to recover from devastating wildfires

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10 times 'experts' predicted the world would end by now

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, while selling her "Green New Deal", said that the world will end in 12 years if nothing is done to address climate change.

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England to 'run out of water in 25 years due to climate change and population boom'

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The head of the Environment Agency is warning that England could run out of water in just 25 years.

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Climate change: Water shortages in England 'within 25 years'

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Wasting water should be as taboo as blowing smoke in a baby's face, says Environment Agency boss.

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