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Children's hospices 'to shut if NHS does not increase funding'

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A charity for terminally ill children warns hospices are under threat unless the NHS increases funding.

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'My father, the rapist': Hidden victims of Rwanda's genocide

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It is thought thousands of children were born as a result of rape during the 1994 genocide.

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The African 'poverty safari' on wheels

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A charity comes in for criticism for its immersive experience depicting the lives of poor African children.

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| 'This is not a "what if" story': Tokyo braces for the earthquake of a century

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They call it X Day – a major earthquake striking the heart of the world’s most populous city in the most calamitous event since the second world war. Can hi-tech solutions save Tokyo?
Every day, at 5pm, the gentle melody of the children’s song Yuyake Koyake chimes across the Minato area of Tokyo from a loudspeaker – one of hundreds dotted across schools and parks throughout this megacity of 37 million people.
The does more than signify the arrival of evening. It is a test for the system that is designed to save Tokyoites from what would be one of the worst natural disasters in recorded human history: an earthquake striking the centre of the most populous city on Earth.
As Japan's capital enters a year in the spotlight, from the Rugby World up to the 2020 Olympics, Guardian Cities is spending a week reporting live from the largest megacity on Earth. Despite being the world's riskiest place – with 37 million people vulnerable to tsunami, flooding and due a potentially catastrophic earthquake – it is also one of the most resilient, both in its hi-tech design and its pragmatic social structure. Using manga, photography, film and a group of salarimen rappers, we'll hear from the locals how they feel about their famously impenetrable city finally embracing its global crown
When you have a city this big and your basic lifelines are out, that’s a very significant problem

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Venezuelan mothers, children in tow, rush to migrate

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Mothers dragged their children across three countries, trekking around border checkpoints and crossing rivers in waist-high water. Others were conned by fake travel agents, or robbed by bandits.

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Influenza vaccine hesitancy among caregivers of children

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Even caregivers whose children receive the first dose of influenza vaccine may be vaccine hesitant and have inaccurate beliefs regarding influenza vaccine and disease, according to a new study.

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Residential child care project addresses emotional pain without causing it

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A model of care for children's residential agencies takes children's emotional pain into account and emphasizes the bond between the children and their caregivers.

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Boarding Now: Parents of Children With Nut Allergies

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Airlines must permit some parents — or passengers with nut allergies themselves — to preboard in order to wipe down seats, federal regulators said.

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Michelle Pfeiffer launches fragrance collection inspired from the clean beauty trend

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Michelle Pfeiffer is putting her stamp on the fragrance industry with a new line of scents that aims to be completely transparent about its ingredients and takes inspiration from the principles of the “clean beauty” movement. The Hollywood star has unveiled Henry Rose, a new perfume brand named after her children, John Henry and Claudia Rose. The collection is reportedly the first fragrance line to be certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) - it was developed in partnership with (...) -


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