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Mother sues district for failing to disclose daughter's suicide plan

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Madison Ocheltree died by suicide after telling a friend who alerted a teacher

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Mother sues school district for failing to notify family of daughter's suicide plan

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Madison Ocheltree was just 12 when she took her own life. In a lawsuit, her mother alleges her daughter's friend alerted a teacher, but the school failed to contact their family. Jamie Yuccas reports.

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'Conductor' gene found in plant root stem cell 'orchestra'

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Researchers lift the veil on the 'conductor' plant root stem cell gene that helps orchestrate and coordinate stem cell division of different root stem cell types, ensuring the harmonic communication necessary for plant growth and maintenance.

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BPA levels in humans dramatically underestimated

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Researchers have developed a more accurate method of measuring bispehnol A (BPA) levels in humans and found that exposure to the endocrine-disrupting chemical is far higher than previously assumed. The study provides the first evidence that the measurements relied upon by regulatory agencies, including the US Food and Drug Administration, are flawed, underestimating exposure levels by as much as 44 times.

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Study seeks to answer whether effects of 'abortion pill' can be reversed

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Women who initiate medical abortion but opt to stop in the middle of treatment may be at risk for serious blood loss, a study finds. Researchers found this is true even for women who use an experimental treatment that claims to 'reverse' the effects of the abortion pill. The study provides important insights into the safety of using high doses of progesterone during early pregnancy to try to stop a medical abortion.

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Cellular repair response to treadmill test can predict cardiac outcomes

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The information gained from the changes in CPC counts during exercise may be more useful to cardiologists in risk stratifying these patients than the treadmill exercise test itself, the researchers say.

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Imaging of conjunctival goblet cells helps diagnosis of dry eyes

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Researchers have developed a biometric imaging of conjunctival goblet cells with high definition.

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New marker for insecticide resistance in malaria-carrying mosquitoes

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Researchers have genetically modified malaria carrying mosquitoes in order to demonstrate the role of particular genes in conferring insecticide resistance.

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Brewing beer that tastes fresh longer

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Unlike wine, which generally improves with time, beer does not age well. Usually within a year of bottling, the beverage starts to develop an unpleasant papery or cardboard-like flavor that drinkers describe as 'stale.' Now, researchers have engineered lager yeast to make more molecules that protect beer against staling, resulting in improved flavor stability.

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Better wildfire and smoke predictions with new vegetation database

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Researchers have created the first comprehensive database of all the wildfire fuels that have been measured across North America. Ultimately, it can help scientists make formed decisions about fire and smoke situations.

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