Monday, 22 April 2019
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Debate on daylight saving time and school start time

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A switch to permanent daylight saving time will undo any positive effects on sleep of delaying school start times, according to researchers.

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Gene transfer improves diabetes-linked heart ailment

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Researchers have shown that a gene transfer technique can combat heart dysfunction caused by diabetes.

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Island lizards are expert sunbathers, and researchers find it's slowing their evolution

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If you've ever spent some time in the Caribbean, you might have noticed that humans are not the only organisms soaking up the sun. Anoles -- diminutive little tree lizards -- spend much of their day shuttling in and out of shade. But, according to a new study, this behavioral 'thermoregulation' isn't just affecting their body temperature. Surprisingly, it's also slowing their evolution.

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Earth Matters: Devices working around-the-clock to combat ocean pollution

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Researchers are deploying new technologies to filter plastics and other debris that is threatening the viability of our oceans


Photonics: The curious case of the disappearing cylinders

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A pair of researchers describes a way of making a submicron-sized cylinder disappear without using any specialized coating. Their findings could enable invisibility of natural materials at optical frequency and eventually lead to a simpler way of enhancing optoelectronic devices, including sensing and communication technologies.

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Study suggests overdiagnosis of schizophrenia

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In a small study of patients, researchers report that about half the people referred to the clinic with a schizophrenia diagnosis didn't actually have schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe and disabling disorder marked by disordered thinking, feelings and behavior. People who reported hearing voices or having anxiety were the ones more likely to be misdiagnosed.

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Biomimetics: Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones

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Researchers at Tokyo Tech have revealed that an artificial receptor preferentially binds male steroid hormones from a mixture of male and female hormones in water. Based on their findings, they succeeded in the preparation of a prototype detection system for male hormones at the nanogram level. This achievement could lead to the development of ultrasensitive analytical devices for medical diagnostics and anti-doping testing in sports.

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Companies warn Trump: Census citizenship question could be costly

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(This April 17 story corrects the tenth paragraph to show DeVere Kutscher is no longer executive director of the Census Business Coalition.)

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