Friday, 28 April 2017
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Fast, low energy, and continuous biofuel extraction from microalgae

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Researchers have used a nanosecond pulsed electric field to extract hydrocarbons from microalgae. By using the shorter duration pulse, they were able to extract a large amount of hydrocarbons from the microalgae in a shorter amount of time, using less energy, and in a more efficient manner than current methods.

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DNA from extinct humans discovered in cave sediments

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Researchers have developed a new method to retrieve hominin DNA from cave sediments -- even in the absence of skeletal remains.

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We are more than our DNA: Discovering a new mechanism of epigenetic inheritance

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The existence of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance has now been demonstrated among Drosophila fruit flies. By temporarily modifying the function of Polycomb Group (PcG) proteins--which play an essential role in development--the researchers obtained fruit fly lines having the same DNA sequence but different eye colors. An example of epigenetic inheritance, this color diversity reflects varying degrees of heritable, but reversible, gene repression by PcG proteins. It is observed in both transgenic and wild-type lines and can be modified by environmental conditions such as ambient temperature.

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Study revises the development, evolutionary origin of the vertebrate brain

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Researchers have made the first detailed map of the regions into which the brain of one of the most closely-related organisms to the vertebrates is divided and which could give us an idea of what our ancestor was like.

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Success in the 3-D bioprinting of cartilage

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A team of researchers has managed to generate cartilage tissue by printing stem cells using a 3-D-bioprinter. The fact that the stem cells survived being printed in this manner is a success in itself. In addition, the research team was able to influence the cells to multiply and differentiate to form chondrocytes (cartilage cells) in the printed structure.

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New material inspired by a sea worm changes according to the environment

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The gelatinous jaw of a sea worm, which becomes hard or flexible depending on the environment around it, has inspired researchers to develop a new material that can be applied to soft robotics. Despite having the texture of a gel, this compound is endowed with great mechanical resistance and consistency, and is able to adapt to changing environments.

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Nomx, the "most secure" email service, can be easily hacked, say researchers

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Nomx says it ensures "absolute security." We say otherwise.

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Hey, Bill Gates! Jeff Bezos is almost richer than you

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Move over, Bill Gates. You might lose the title of world's wealthiest person.

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Network management vulnerability exposes cable modems to hacking

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Hundreds of thousands of internet gateway devices around the world, primarily residential cable modems, are vulnerable to hacking because of a serious weakness in their Simple Network Management Protocol implementation.
SNMP is used for automated network device identification, monitoring and remote configuration. It is supported and enabled by default in many devices, including servers, printers, networking hubs, switches and routers.
Independent researchers Ezequiel Fernandez and Bertin Bervis recently found a way to bypass SNMP authentication on 78 models of cable modems that ISPs from around the world have provided to their customers.
Their internet scans revealed hundreds of thousands of devices whose configurations could be changed remotely through the SNMP weakness that .


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