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Two followers of renegade Nevada rancher plead guilty over armed standoff

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Two supporters of renegade Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy each pleaded guilty on Monday to obstructing a U.S. court order for their role in a 2014 showdown between armed militia members and federal agents who had seized Bundy's cattle.

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Florida teacher accused of giving 17-year-old student STD

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A former teacher in Florida was arrested Saturday after being accused of having sexual relations with a student and giving her a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

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New study shows how cells can be led down non-cancer path

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As cells with a propensity for cancer break down food for energy, they reach a fork in the road: they can either continue energy production as healthy cells, or shift to the energy production profile of cancer cells. In a new study, researchers map out the molecular events that direct cells' energy metabolism down the cancerous path. Their findings could lead to ways to interrupt the process.

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New Peruvian bird species discovered by its song

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A new species of bird from the heart of Peru remained undetected for years until researchers identified it by its unique song.

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Nanotube fiber antennas as capable as copper

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Thin fibers made of carbon nanotubes can be formed into antennas that are just as capable as copper antennas, according to researchers.

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Study links mutations in notch gene to role in B cell cancers

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In B cell tumors, mutated overactive versions of the Notch protein directly drive the expression of the Myc gene and many other genes that participate in B cell signaling pathways, researchers have found. Myc is a critical gene in governing cell proliferation and survival.

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Protein regulates vitamin A metabolic pathways, prevents inflammation

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Researchers have discovered how uncontrolled vitamin A metabolism in the gut can cause harmful inflammation. The discovery links diet to inflammatory diseases, like Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel syndromes, and could inform nutritional interventions.

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Optical communication coming to silicon chips

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Ultrathin films of a semiconductor that emits and detects light can be stacked on top of silicon wafers, researchers report in a study that could help bring optical communication onto silicon chips.

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These shrews have heads that shrink with the season

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If any part of the body would seem ill equipped to shrink, it would probably be the head and skull. And, yet, researchers have found that the skulls of red-toothed shrews do shrink in anticipation of winter, by up to 20 percent. As spring approaches, their heads grow again to approach their previous size.

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