Monday, 18 February 2019
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ALMA Detects Salts around Young Star

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Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have detected the chemical fingerprints of sodium chloride (NaCl), potassium chloride (KCl), and their 37Cl and 41K isotopologues, in a high-mass circumstellar disk around Orion Source I, a young, massive star about 1,500 light-years away. To detect molecules in space, astronomers use radio telescopes to search for [...]


Children carry evidence of toxins from home flooring and furniture

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Children living in homes with all vinyl flooring or flame-retardant chemicals in the sofa have significantly higher concentrations of potentially harmful semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in their blood or urine than children from homes where these materials are not present, according to new research.

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A hidden source of air pollution? Your daily household tasks

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Cooking, cleaning and other routine household activities generate significant levels of volatile and particulate chemicals inside the average home, leading to indoor air quality levels on par with a polluted major city.

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Light up logic: Engineers perform computational logic with light

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For the first time, researchers performed logic operations -- the basis of computation -- with a chemical device using electric fields and ultraviolet light. The device and the pioneering methods used open up research possibilities including low-power, high-performance computer chips.


Blood Type Diet: What to Eat and Avoid According to Your Blood Type?

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According to naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo, being on a diet based on your blood type (A, B, AB, or O) can actually help you become healthier. D’Adamo says that different foods have a different chemical reactions relative one’s blood type, and if you stick to a diet that is appropriate for your blood type, it ...]

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Thirdhand smoke residue exposes children to chemicals

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Researchers find that indoor smoking bans may not fully protect children.

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Educational outreach, public policy changes needed to reduce health hazards at nail salons

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The nail salon industry has seen rapid growth within the last 20 years, becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages. For the technicians in those salons, this beauty can come with a cost: an exposure to potentially unsafe chemicals and other health hazards. A study has found that educational outreach and change in public policy are needed to help reduce these hazards for salon employees and owners.

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The Energy 202: EPA plan to rid drinking water from toxic chemicals sparks divisions in Washington

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Democrats say it doesn't move fast enough.

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Green water-purification system works without heavy metals or corrosive chemicals

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Scientists have developed an effective and energy-efficient technique for purifying water by using graphitic carbon nitride sheets. Their prototype purified pathogen-rich water in 30 minutes, killing over 99.9999 percent of bacteria, such as E. coli, meeting China's requirements for clean drinking water.


Millions of tons of plastic waste could be turned into clean fuels, other products

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A new chemical conversion process could transform the world's polyolefin waste, a form of plastic, into useful products, such as clean fuels and other items. The conversion process incorporates selective extraction and hydrothermal liquefaction. Once the plastic is converted into naphtha, it can be used as a feedstock for other chemicals or further separated into specialty solvents or other products.


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