Thursday, 13 December 2018
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Plasma-based system provides radical new path for water purification

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Many of today's methods of purifying water rely on filters and chemicals that need regular replenishing or maintenance. Millions of people, however, live in areas with limited access to such materials, leading the research community to explore new options of purifying water in using plasmas. Many plasma-based approaches are expensive, but a new class of plasma devices may change that. Researchers at the have been studying a new type of plasma generator for water purification.


Why a stream of plasma makes chemical reactions more efficient

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A whiff of plasma, when combined with a nanosized catalyst, can cause chemical reactions to proceed faster, more selectively, at lower temperatures, or at lower voltages than without plasma. Using computer modeling, researchers investigated the interactions between plasmas and metal catalysts embedded into ceramic beads in a packed bed reactor. They discovered that together, the metals, beads and gas create plasma that intensifies electric fields and locally heats the catalyst, which can then accelerate reactions.


Breakthrough in process to produce hydrogen fuel

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Researchers have cracked the chemical mechanism that will enable development of a new and more efficient photo-chemical process to produce hydrogen fuel from water, according to a new article.


Researchers reverse engineer way pine trees produce green chemicals worth billions

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Researchers have reverse engineered the way a pine tree produces a resin, which could serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to a range of fossil-fuel based products worth billions of dollars.

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US army tool will automatically inject an antidote during a gas attack

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The US army is building a device that during a chemical attack will automatically identify the chemical agent and then inject an antidote

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Light-activated, single-ion catalyst breaks down carbon dioxide

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A team of scientists has discovered a single-site, visible-light-activated catalyst that converts carbon dioxide into 'building block' molecules that could be used for creating useful chemicals. The discovery opens the possibility of using sunlight to turn a greenhouse gas into hydrocarbon fuels.


Molecular motors: Chemical carousel rotates in the cold

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Chemists have developed the first molecular motor that can be powered by light alone. Its operation is therefore essentially independent of the temperature.


Affordable catalyst for CO2 recycling

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A catalyst for carbon dioxide recycling, Mineral pentlandite may also be a conceivable alternative to expensive precious metal catalysts. Pentlandite had previously been known as a catalyst for hydrogen production. By adding a suitable solvent, the researchers successfully utilised it to convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide. The latter is a common source material in the chemical industry.


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