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New form of gold is much golder than normal gold

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Gold never loses its lustre because it is so chemically unreactive, and now microscopic gold crystals have been made that are even less reactive

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The US wants to build an X-ray bomb to destroy chemical weapons

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Regular explosives risk spilling chemical or biological weapons when aimed at storage sites. So the US is experimenting with using massive X-ray bursts instead

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Magnets can make wine taste better by sucking out bad flavours

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Tiny magnetic beads can be stirred through wine to capture unwanted chemicals, then pulled out with a magnet to improve the flavour

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The brain has a special clock that tracks sleepiness

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A chemical clock has been found in the brains of mice that keeps track of how long it’s been since an animal last slept, and how sleepy it should feel

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Changes in your sperm reveal if you’ve had a difficult life

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Men carry chemical clues to childhood traumas in their sperm, and these might be passed down to their sons – but we don’t know what effects these have yet

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3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin

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In a groundbreaking new study, researchers used a customized, low-cost 3-D printer to print electronics on a real hand for the first time. The technology could be used by soldiers on the battlefield to print temporary sensors on their bodies to detect chemical or biological agents or solar cells to charge essential electronics.

Chemical peels are safe for people with darker skin, result in few side effects and complications

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Results from a new study indicate that, when performed appropriately, chemical peels can be a safe treatment option for people with darker skin.

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Pain relief at a lower opioid dose

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A team of researchers have found that activating nerve cell receptors along two chemical pathways -- one that has previously been linked to how the brain senses 'itch' -- may improve pain relief when combined with conventional ways to blunt pain using opioid drugs, such as morphine.

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Soy lecithin NSAID combo drug protects against cancer with fewer side effects, UTHealth reports

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When scientists applied a chemical found in soybeans to a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), they increased its anticancer properties and reduced its side effects.

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Building bridges with water molecules

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Researchers have managed to uncover the mystery behind the structure of water molecules on iron oxide surfaces, and their work has revealed that water molecules can form of complex structures reminiscent of bridges, which play a significant role when it comes to chemical reactions on the surface.

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