Sunday, 23 September 2018
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10 mysteries of the universe: What is dark matter?

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It’s invisible, and yet the motions of galaxies suggest it must be there. But a recent discovery has just deepened the mystery of the universe we cannot see

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2 Very Early Stage Marijuana Investment Opportunities to Closely Monitor

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There's more to the cannabis industry than just growing weed.

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Kenya lifts ban on lesbian film, making it eligible for Oscars

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"Rafiki" — "Friend" in Swahili — was the first Kenyan film ever selected to screen at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

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How cannabinoid drugs affect the experience of pain

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A new study reviews the effects of cannabis on the experience of pain. The results highlight the affective component in cannabis's pain-relieving effects.

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Five hurt, including 8-year-old, in Syracuse, N.Y., shooting

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"This is a very tragic event,” Police Chief Frank Fowler said. “This is something that cannot occur in our community.”

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A quantum gate between atoms and photons may help in scaling up quantum computers

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The quantum computers of the future will be able to perform computations that cannot be done on today's computers. These may likely include the ability to crack the encryption that is currently used for secure electronic transactions, as well as the means to efficiently solve unwieldy problems in which the number of possible solutions increases exponentially.

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The 3 Data Sets Essential to Establishing Your Cannabis Brand

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A lot of people want a foothold in the cannabis business. Knowing the market and your competition is essential.

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reMarkable's Pricey, Paper-Like Tablet Ready to Ship

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reMarkable on Monday will begin shipping what might best be described as an "untablet" -- a device that is, essentially, an electronic piece of paper. The company is proud of its paper tablet's simplicity, boasting that no other tablet has fewer functionalities. reMarkable users cannot install apps, watch videos or take photos. What they can do is read, write and sketch on a paper-like surface.


Nintendo Switch Onlines Cloud Save Debacle

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Jim Sterling: "Nintendo is a ridiculous company that cannot simply do something simple. There's always a complication, a caveat, a catch. Even cloud saving, which every other platform has nailed, must be subject to Nintendo's arcane rulings. So, cloud saves will only work for SOME Nintendo Switch games, not ALL of them. The ones excluded are pretty heavy hitters too. Looks like another Nintendo Move to me!"


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