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Why Cannes is a magnet for the world’s real estate industry

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Cannes, the playground of the rich and famous on the French Riviera, is not just known for its annual film festival. It’s also a magnet for the world’s real estate industry.

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Why Neptune Wellness Solutions Stock Sank Today

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Weak quarterly results weighed on the cannabis extraction company's shares.

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Formation of habitual use drives cannabis addiction

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A shift from brain systems controlling reward-driven use to habit-driven use differentiates heavy cannabis users who are addicted to the drug from users who aren't, according to a new study. The findings help explain how the brain becomes dependent on cannabis, and why not all cannabis users develop an addiction, even with long-term regular use.

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Nevada job applicants can skip marijuna testing

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The state legalized recreational cannabis in 2016 and now becomes the first to ban failing job applicants because of the substance

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People smoked pot to get high 2,500 years ago, study says

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Getting high on marijuana may not be a modern pastime, as archaeologists have found the earliest clear evidence to date that people were smoking cannabis for its psychoactive properties some 2,500 years ago.

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Can Latest Cannabis ETF Offering Smoke the Competition?

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Chinese tombs yield earliest evidence of cannabis use

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Researchers uncover the earliest known evidence of cannabis use, from tombs in western China.

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Origins of cannabis smoking

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A chemical residue study of incense burners from ancient burials at high elevations in western China has revealed psychoactive cannabinoids. The finding provides some of the earliest evidence for the use of cannabis for its psychoactive compounds.

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Tombs in China reveal humans were smoking cannabis 2500 years ago

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Chemical traces on 2500-year-old wooden braziers are the earliest evidence that people had begun growing mutant marijuana strains that could make them stoned

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