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Dead Cells Review - A Phenomenal Melding of Two Contradictory Genres | GameCloud

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Nick Ballantyne at GameCloud writes: "Dead Cells is a fantastic melding of two seemingly contradictory design philosophies. A Roguelike at heart, the game utilises Metroidvania levels in a way that gives the player freedom of choice without making any style of play pointless. Theres plenty of opportunities to employ your brain cells in crafting different builds of stats and items, and even with the simplistic combat, the game is a blast to get through. I cannot recommend the game highly enough, and it may very well have cracked a gap through my cynicism for the first time since I saw Yennifer on a unicorn."


Aldi is going granola to compete with Whole Foods

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Aldi is synonymous with low-cost food staples, canned goods and no frills shopping.

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Corona Brewer Bets $4 Billion on Cannabis Startup

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Corona brewer Constellation Brands is investing $4 billion into Canadian marijuana grower Canopy Growth, one of the biggest corporate wagers on the potential global market for cannabis-infused drinks and other products.

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The Summer’s Most Important Wind Down Is ‘Mooo!’ by Doja Cat

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Can I tell you about a song I cannot stop listening to? It’s called “Mooo!” by Doja Cat, and it’s about being a cow. “Bitch I’m a cow / Bitch I’m a cow / Go mooo!” It’s a goofy, pixelated video approaching viral status: Chance the Rapper has endorsed it. ...

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Harvey Weinstein’s Sex-Trafficking Case Is Moving Forward

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Last year, legal council for model-actress Kadian Noble filed a complaint at the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York, which alleged Harvey Weinstein violated a federal sex-trafficking law by sexually assaulting Noble in his hotel room in Cannes, France. “Harvey Weinstein was able to force or ...


6 Essential Items to Include on Your Cannabis Label

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The more useful information you list, the more you empower the consumer and earn their trust.

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3 Ways Cannabis Brands Can Make a Powerful First Impression

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Experts say you only have seven seconds to hold a consumer's attention. Here's a good place to start.

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Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 Review (Nintendo Switch) - Punk and Lizard

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Blondlizard writes for P&L: "Fans of the first game will love this. All improved and more chaotic, Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is cooked to perfection al dente style."


Watch The Trailer For Gaspar Noé’s Sangria Soaked Dance Nightmare, Climax

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Only six people reportedly walked out of a Cannes screening of Gaspar Noé’s newest film, Climax. “Aw man, no, no, no!” the director complained to the Guardian. “I usually have 25 percent of the audience walking out.” Climax is a manic, frantic, dance horror movie: When a dance troupe meets ...


Tottenham apologise for 'unavoidable' stadium delay

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Tottenham apologise to fans and say the delayed opening of their new stadium is "unavoidable" because they cannot "compromise safety".

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