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Betsy DeVos will cancel $150 million in student debt after being sued for delays

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The Department of Education said Thursday that it would wipe away student debt for 15,000 borrowers, implementing an Obama-era rule that Secretary Betsy DeVos has fought to block for more than a year.


Ask Well: Is Eating Deli Meats Really That Bad for You?

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Even small amounts of processed meat increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

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J&J shares nosedive on report it knew of asbestos in Baby Powder

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Shares of Johnson & Johnson fell 10 percent on Friday and were on track to post their biggest percentage drop in more than 16 years, after Reuters reported that the pharma major knew for decades that cancer-causing asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder.

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Preview: Michael Bublé on his son's fight against liver cancer

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Returning from a two-year break from performing, the chart-topping singer talks to "Sunday Morning" about how his family met the challenge of a cancer diagnosis

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Cutting the legs off cancer

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Melanoma skin cancer tumors grow larger and are more likely to metastasize due to interactions between a pair of molecules, according to experiments in mice and human cells. The results may restore the potential for a type of cancer therapy previously abandoned in clinical trials. The results also implicate one molecule already connected to obesity and dementia as a potential cause of metastasis, or spread of cancer cells to other areas of the body.

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Study explains why tall individuals are more prone to cancer

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For most cancers, risk increases dramatically with age. But what about the effect of having more cells in the body? Might taller people be more prone to cancer because they have more cells? Yes, according to an evolutionary biologist who examined data from four large-scale surveillance projects on 23 cancer categories.

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Combining genetic and sun exposure data improves skin cancer risk estimates

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By combining data on individuals' lifetime sun exposure and their genetics, researchers can generate improved predictions of their risk of skin cancer.

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Skin is a battlefield for mutations

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Normal skin contains a patchwork of mutated cells, yet very few go on to eventually form cancer and scientists have now uncovered the reason why. Researchers genetically engineered mice to show that mutant cells in skin tissue compete with each other, with only the fittest surviving. The results suggest that normal skin in humans is more resilient to cancer than previously thought.

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Study links widely-used drug azathioprine to skin cancers

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A drug used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and vasculitis as well as to prevent organ rejection in transplant patients has been identified as an important contributor to skin cancer development. The research identified a `strong case for an association' between the drug azathioprine and the mutational signature found in cases of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC), a common form of skin cancer.

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