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Cancer Is the Biggest Killer of America's Firefighters

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Running into burning buildings is not the biggest killer of America's firefighters. It's the cancer they get from doing their jobs.

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Proton therapy lowers treatment side effects in pediatric head and neck cancer patients

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Pediatric patients with head and neck cancer can be treated with proton beam therapy (PBT) instead of traditional photon radiation, and it will result in similar outcomes with less impact on quality of life.

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New study shows how cells can be led down non-cancer path

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As cells with a propensity for cancer break down food for energy, they reach a fork in the road: they can either continue energy production as healthy cells, or shift to the energy production profile of cancer cells. In a new study, researchers map out the molecular events that direct cells' energy metabolism down the cancerous path. Their findings could lead to ways to interrupt the process.

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Study links mutations in notch gene to role in B cell cancers

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In B cell tumors, mutated overactive versions of the Notch protein directly drive the expression of the Myc gene and many other genes that participate in B cell signaling pathways, researchers have found. Myc is a critical gene in governing cell proliferation and survival.

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Cigarette smoke may 'prime lung cells' to develop cancer

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Using cell-based models of cigarette smoke exposure, researchers show how smoking alters gene expression over time to prime lung cells to develop cancer.

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E-cigarettes can help smokers quit, but there's a catch

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Frequent e-cigarette use does help smokers quit -- a finding that Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers say supports the use of e-cigarettes as a cessation aid for those...

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Cadmium may raise risk of endometrial cancer

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A case-control study of 1,510 women found that the risk of endometrial cancer was 22 percent higher in those with higher levels of cadmium.

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Americans are quitting smoking in higher numbers; study suggests e-cigarettes help

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University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center researchers performed a population-level analysis of national surveys conducted from 2001 to 2015 and found that in the...

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Cold therapy may be effective at controlling cancer treatment side effects

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A new study finds that cryotherapy, specifically having chemotherapy patients wear frozen gloves and socks for 90-minute periods, is useful for preventing symptoms of neuropathy.

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