Friday, 19 April 2019
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George Conway calls Trump a cancer that needs to be removed in blistering op-ed

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George Conway, the husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and fierce critic of President Trump, penned an op-ed in The Washington Post that calls Trump a "cancer on the presidency" and urged Congress to take action. 

Scientists advance creation of 'artificial lymph node' to fight cancer, other diseases

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In a proof-of-principle study in mice, scientists report the creation of a specialized gel that acts like a lymph node to successfully activate and multiply cancer-fighting immune system T-cells. The work puts scientists a step closer, they say, to injecting such artificial lymph nodes into people and sparking T-cells to fight disease.

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Making digital tissue imaging better

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A low-tech problem troubles the high-tech world of digital pathology imaging: There are no reliable standards for the quality of digitized tissue slides comprising the source material for computers reading and analyzing vast numbers of images. Poor-quality slides get mixed in with accurate slides, potentially confusing a computer program trying to learn what a cancerous cell looks like. Researchers are trying to fix this, sharing an open-source quality control standard.

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Kellyanne Conway's husband calls for Congress to remove 'cancer' of Trump

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George Conway, husband of top White House aide Kellyanne Conway, called for Congress to remove President Donald Trump from office following the release of the redacted special counsel report.

Citing safety, college cancels Polish conservative's speech

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Middlebury College has canceled a lecture by a conservative Polish speaker out of safety concerns two years after the school was the site of a rowdy protest.


Some patients with imminently fatal cancer still receive treatment

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Patients who died within one month of being newly diagnosed with metastatic cancer in the United States received ineffective surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal therapy.

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Meet the super-smeller who can diagnose Parkinson's at a sniff

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For Joy Milne, Parkinson’s is musky, cancer earthy and Alzheimer’s smells like vanilla. Following her nose could pave the way for future tests

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A third person may have become HIV-free after a bone marrow transplant

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Following news of a man who has been free of HIV since cancer treatment, a third case has now been reported, adding to evidence it may be possible to cure HIV

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