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Facebook says its AI could help find drug combinations to treat cancer

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Facebook claims that its new artificial intelligence can predict the way drugs interact with each other inside cells, but other researchers say it may not translate into results that will be useful in humans

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CNN's Rene Marsh Announces Death of 2-Year-Old Son Blake

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Rene Marsh, InstagramCNN correspondent Rene Marsh's 2-year-old son has lost his battle with cancer. On Thursday, April 15, the journalist took to Instagram to share a lengthy tribute to Blake, who passed...

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Innovative technique developed to destroy cancerous kidney cells

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An innovative new technique that encourages cancer cells in the kidneys to self-destruct could revolutionize the treatment of the disease.

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New insights on how inflammatory molecule contributes to skin and pancreatic cancers

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An immune molecule called interleukin-33 can act within a cell's nucleus to stimulate abnormal growth and division, ultimately resulting in cancer. Targeting interleukin-33 in the nucleus may help prevent certain cancers.

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Researchers identify mechanisms that are essential for proper skin development

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Latest discovery could improve development of future stem cell therapies and cancer treatments.

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Genetic variants for skin color in African Americans linked to vitamin D deficiency

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One day physicians may be able to look at an African American's skin color and, with the help of other determinants, know if prescribing vitamin D supplements would lower that person's risk of getting cancers of the prostate, colon, rectum or breast.

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Identifying 'ugly ducklings' to catch skin cancer earlier

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A deep learning-based system enables dermatologist-level identification of suspicious skin lesions from smartphone photos, allowing better screening.

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Algorithm that performs as accurately as dermatologists

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A study has now been presented that boosts the evidence for using AI solutions in skin cancer diagnostics. With an algorithm they devised themselves, scientists show the capacity of technology to perform at the same level as dermatologists in assessing the severity of skin melanoma.

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Injection to treat skin cancer developed

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Yale researchers are developing a skin cancer treatment that involves injecting nanoparticles into the tumor, killing cancer cells with a two-pronged approach, as a potential alternative to surgery.

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Weaker skin barrier leads to faster uptake of chemicals

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The ability of our skin to protect us from chemicals is something we inherit. Some people are less well-protected which could imply an increased risk of being afflicted by skin disease or cancer. A new study shows how the rate of uptake of common chemicals is faster in people with a genetically weakened skin barrier.

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