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With her father hospitalized, Meghan McCain goes 'home to Arizona'

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Sen. John McCain, who has a deadly form of brain cancer, was hospitalized after surgery for an intestinal infection related to diverticulitis.


Soil metals linked with cancer mortality

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Epidemiologists and geologists have found associations between esophageal cancer and soils where lead is abundant, lung cancer and terrains with increased copper content, brain tumor with areas rich in arsenic, and bladder cancer with high cadmium levels. These statistical links do not indicate that there is a cause-effect relationship between soil type and cancer, but they suggest that the influence of metals from the earth's surface on the geographical distribution of tumors should be analyzed.

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How one woman was shunned for having cancer but found a 'new family'

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This Kenyan woman was rejected by friends and family after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

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Remote-control shoots laser at nano-gold to turn on cancer-killing immune cells

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Cancer immune cell therapy has made headlines with astounding successes like saving former US President Jimmy Carter from brain cancer. But immunotherapy has also had many tragic flops. Researchers working to optimize the innovative treatment have implanted a genetic switch that activates T-cells when they are inside of tumors. Remote-control light waves resembling those used in a TV remote combine with gold nanorods to flip the switch.

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Treatment of cancer could become possible with adenovirus

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Researchers have shown that adenovirus binds to a specific type of carbohydrate that is overexpressed on certain types of cancer cells. The discovery opens up new opportunities for the development of virus-based cancer therapy.

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Beneficial skin bacteria protect against skin cancer

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Science continues to peel away layers of the skin microbiome to reveal its protective properties. Researchers now report on a potential new role for some bacteria on the skin: protecting against cancer.

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Increasing incidence of rare skin cancer

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While it may not be as common as other skin cancers, Merkel cell carcinoma is highly aggressive and often deadly — and according to new research, it’s also becoming more common.

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Short-course radiation treatment is safe and effective for skin cancer

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A recent physician's study review suggests that shorter courses of radiation are preferable to longer ones for older patients receiving treatment for slow-growing skin cancers.

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In scientific first, researchers grow hairy skin in a dish

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Researchers have successfully developed a method to grow hairy skin from mouse pluripotent stem cells -- a discovery that could lead to new approaches to model disease and new therapies for the treatment of skin disorders and cancers.

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Blood test could help predict skin cancer's return

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Testing skin cancer patients' blood for tumor DNA could help predict the chances of an aggressive cancer returning, scientists have discovered.

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