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Storm Washes Up Thousand Of So-Called ‘Penis Fish’ On California Beach

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A strong storm left a very unusual sight on one California beach this week - thousands of phallic-looking marine known as "penis fish."
The event took place on Drakes Beach in the Bay Area, where Bay Nature Magazine noted that a strong storm brought strong waves that wiped away the top layer of sand. This left thousands of the fat inkeeper worms - which normally live in burrows beneath the surface - exposed on the surface of the sand. The pink or flesh-toned animals are long and tubelike, bearing a striking resemblance to part of the male anatomy.
The magazine took to to share a picture of the beach littered with the peculiar-looking animals, showing piles of the long pink worms and the flocks of birds that appeared to be eating them.


Vandalism at synagogue in Beverly Hills, California, investigated as possible hate crime

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The suspect overturned furniture and damaged several "Jewish relics," police said.

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Stockton's universal basic income scheme

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Stockton in California is providing poor residents with a universal basic income, but could it work nationally?

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California man charged with murder after allegedly forcing girlfriend to induce miscarriage

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A California man faces a first degree murder charge after allegedly holding his girlfriend at gun point and forcing her to effectively abort her own child.


California girl, 5, sells hot cocoa, cookies to help pay off students' lunch debt

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One generous kindergartner in California demonstrated the ultimate act of kindness

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California governor rejects $13.5 billion PG&E settlement

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The decision marks a major setback in the utility's race to meet a June 30 deadline to emerge from bankruptcy protection.


Salmon lose diversity in managed rivers, reducing resilience to environmental change

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The manipulation of rivers in California is jeopardizing the resilience of native Chinook salmon. It compresses their migration timing to the point that they crowd their habitats. They may miss the best window for entering the ocean and growing into adults, new research shows.

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Louisiana sues California over alligator ban

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California has "attempted to destroy the market for American alligator products notwithstanding the fact that no such alligators live in California," the lawsuit says.

From: https: Tasmania's flowering giants: 'We will never see such trees again'

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Many of Tasmania’s giant trees suffered in the summer fires of 2019 and now lie in ruins
In Australia’s island state of Tasmania, many of the world’s biggest flowering trees lie in ruins after this year’s bushfires.
The Arve Giant, a eucalyptus regnans (“king of the eucalypts”), had attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors in recent decades, but it succumbed in January.
Adventure photographer Steve Pearce recently photographed the collapsed giant. Before its fall, it was a contender for the world’s biggest flowering tree by volume at 360 cubic metres, which is roughly the equivalent volume of three Boeing 737-300s. “This tree was 87 metres tall. It had a circumference of 17.2 metres. Now it is just a crumpled mess,” said Pearce.
The world’s biggest and tallest trees are the softwood redwood trees of California. This year a 100.7-metre (Yellow meranti) flowering giant was discovered in the Borneo rainforests, topping the tallest of Tasmania’s trees by just 20cm.

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