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'Euro WILL implode!' Economist warns Macron faces BRUTAL choice to save 'unsustainable' EU

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ITALIAN economist Ilaira Bifarini warned Emmanuel Macron's plan to increase integration within the Brussels bloc might be the only chance the EU has to save itself.

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Italy bridge collapse: The financial facts behind the fury

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Italy's anti-establishment government, outraged at the deadly collapse of a 50-year-old bridge, has presented the disaster as a warning to Brussels to give it more leeway to upgrade the country's aging infrastructure.


Turkish lira CRISIS: EU TERRIFIED Turkey economic meltdown could spark NEW migrant crisis

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EUROPEAN Union bosses are keeping a watchful eye on Turkey’s economic meltdown as it risks the already precarious EU-Turkey deal designed to curb illegal migration into the bloc – Ankara has saved up leverage it can use demand cash from Brussels.


Brussels to BLAME? Italy’s Salvini lashes out at the EU after Genoa bridge collapse

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ITALY’S interior minister Matteo Salvini argued European budget constraints may have prevented local authorities from repairing the Genoa bridge that collapsed yesterday, killing at least 37 people.

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EU takes on POLAND: Rebel Warsaw faces court case in Brussels’ CRACKDOWN

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THE European Commission has increased its legal threats to Poland over its controversial supreme court reforms which gives Warsaw one month to comply or it will be taken to the bloc’s top court and could be stripped of its voting rights.


Chemicals Produced by Vegetables Such as Cabbage and Cauliflower Protect Mice from Colon Cancer

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A new study led by Francis Crick Institute researchers shows that mice fed on a diet rich in indole-3-carbinol (I3C) - a secondary plant metabolite produced in vegetables of the Brassica genus, including cabbage, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts - were protected from gut inflammation and colon cancer. The findings appear in the journal Immunity. “We [...]


’EU has FAILED on migration' French Corsican nationalist blasts in row over rescue ship

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BRUSSELS has “failed” to find a joint solution to the migrant crisis, Corsican nationalist Jean-Guy Talamoni declared as he called on European countries to share the burden of rescues in the Mediterranean.


Salvini lambastes EU as he links Genoa bridge collapse to Brussels 'budget constraints'

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ITALIAN Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini took a swipe at the European Union as he claimed Brussels budget constraints may have prevented local authorities spending money on the maintenance of the collapsed bridge in Genoa.


[Exclusive] Revealed: ExxonMobil's private dinner with Cyprus' top EU brass

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The US oil and gas giant hosted Cypriot MEPs, Cyprus' highest EU diplomat and EU commissioner Christos Stylianides at a dinner in a private club in Brussels.

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Brussels COUNTS COST of Brexit: Five countries who will be WORST HIT by no-deal UK divorce

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EUROPEAN Union member states are counting the potential costs of a no-deal Brexit ahead of negotiations resuming after a short summer break, in which both sides believe they can avert what would prove disastrous for Brussels’ membership.

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