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The 10 best breast cancer blogs

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Medical News Today have found the 10 best breast cancer blogs that offer educational information, inspiration, and support for people with breast cancer.


Radiation prior to surgery reduces risk of secondary tumors in early-stage breast cancer

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Moffitt Cancer Center researchers launched a first of its kind study comparing the long-term benefits of radiation therapy in women with breast cancer either before surgery (neoadjuvant) or after...


23andMe’s breast cancer test may create false sense of security

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Genomics firm 23andMe is the first to receive approval for direct-to-consumer cancer gene tests in the US, but will recipients misunderstand the results?

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Did Drinking Give Me Breast Cancer? I Don’t Know.

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And neither do you.

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Cholesterol byproduct hijacks immune cells, lets breast cancer spread

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High cholesterol levels have been associated with breast cancer spreading to other sites in the body, but doctors and researchers don't know the cause for the link. A new study found that the culprit is a byproduct of cholesterol metabolism that acts on specific immune cells so that they facilitate the cancer's spread instead of stopping it.

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Statins linked to lower rates of breast cancer and mortality

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A 14 year study in more than one million people has found that women with high cholesterol have significantly lower rates of breast cancer and improved mortality. The research suggests that statins are associated with lower rates of breast cancer and subsequent mortality.

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Could outdoor light exposure at night heighten breast cancer risk?

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High exposure to outdoor light during the night may increase women's breast cancer risk, a new study finds, particularly for women who work night shifts.


Breast rashes: Which symptoms suggest cancer?

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Breast rashes or changes do not usually indicate breast cancer, but can be symptoms of two rare but aggressive types. When should you see a doctor?


Jane the Virgin Recap: It Does Get Harder

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There are a couple impressive things about Jane the Virgin’s current story arc. The first is pretty obvious: The show has taken its romance-driven narrative full of telenovela antics, and chosen to use that forum to tell a very serious, grounded story about breast cancer. It’s not shying away from ...


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