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Breast cancer: Zimbabwe woman's struggle to avoid mastectomy

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A Zimbabwean woman is campaigning to get the machine fixed to avoid a mastectomy.

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Breast rashes: Which symptoms suggest cancer?

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Breast rashes or changes do not usually indicate breast cancer, but can be symptoms of two rare but aggressive types. When should you see a doctor?


David Foster’s daughter Amy says record producer and wife Katharine McPhee stayed with her after mastectomy

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Amy S. Foster is grateful she had loved ones by her side as she battled breast cancer.

Researchers describe possible mechanism for link between obesity and breast cancer

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It is widely accepted that higher levels of body fat increase the risk of developing breast cancer, as well as other cancers. A new article proposes a unique theory that a protein secreted by fat cells drives the development of breast cancer.

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Supreme Court affirms ‘ministerial exception’ that protects religious organizations from some lawsuits

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The court ruled 7-2 that two teachers at Catholic schools in California could not contest their firings in federal court. One alleged age discrimination; the other said she was fired because she had breast cancer.

Sugary drinks, including 100% fruit juices, may raise cancer risk

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New research finds a link between consuming sugary drinks, including fruit juices with no added sugar, and the risk of overall cancer and breast cancer.

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Triple-negative breast cancer: What you need to know

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Triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive type of cancer that is difficult to treat. Learn about risk factors, how it is diagnosed, and treatments.


Breast cancer charities: How to make an impact

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There are many breast cancer charities to donate to, but where will a donation make the most impact? We look at the different breast cancer charities.


Breast cancer and Mirena IUD: What's the link?

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There have been varying reports about the impact of the Mirena contraceptive IUD on causing breast cancer. However, further research is required.


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