Monday, 20 August 2018
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Wynonna Earp Wears Amazing Pajamas in Sneak Peek Pics From First Ever Christmas Episode

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Listen, over the years we have fallen in love with many a pair of pajamas. It's hard to find a comfy robe or a pair of soft pants we don't want to own, but we may have found our...


Giuliani wasted no time applying his ‘truth isn't truth' mantra to the Trump Tower meeting

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But who is he trying to protect?

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These two are in, but who else makes Garth Crooks' team of the week?

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Who needs to go back to the drawing board? Who was 'frighteningly' poor? Find out in Garth Crooks' team of the week and pick your own.


Lemurs self-medicate by rubbing toxic millipedes over their bottoms

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Red-fronted lemurs sometimes pick up a millipede, give it a chew to make it secrete toxins, then rub it on the skin around their anus - but why?

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Big win makes Mets the 1st team since 1894 to achieve bittersweet feat

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The first game of Thursday’s doubleheader against the Mets in Philadelphia didn’t go so well for the Phillies.

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Take that, Lincoln! Night Trap drops onto Nintendo Switch next week

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From Destructoid: "Well folks, it took us the best part of of three decades, but we finally stood up to those fat cats in the U.S. senate. Boy, I'll bet former Nintendo Prez Howard Lincoln is fuming right now, because, some 26 years after he stated it would never appear on a Nintendo console, garbage FMV game Night Trap has finally made it to the Switch."


Link-Cable Retro Review: Heroes of Mana

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "My quest to complete my massive backlog has been making some pretty good progress lately as a few weeks ago I wrapped up EarthBound: Beginnings and now another RPG is up with a look at Heroes of Mana from the Nintendo DS. Wait what is this? Its not an RPG at all! Nope, Heroes of Mana takes the traditionally action-RPG focused series and completely changes it up to deliver a real-time strategy experience that plays more like a cross between Starcraft and Advance Wars with pretty terrible results. I know its sometimes poor form to give away your full impressions of a game in the first few sentences but wow did I not like this game."


Utterly bizarre theoretical ‘fractons’ could be made for real

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A fracton is a weird imaginary half-particle, and can only move when paired with another fracton. It sounds wild but we could make one in a crystal

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Many chimps are active at night but we don’t know what they do

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A study of 22 chimpanzee sites has found that they regularly wake up and move around in the night, but it’s not clear what the apes are up to

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Xbox unveils stylish see-through Phantom Black and gray/blue controllers

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Bringing back see-through controllers in a big way.

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