Saturday, 18 August 2018
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| 'It can’t get much hotter ... can it?' How heat became a national US problem

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Heat now kills more Americans than floods, hurricanes or other natural disasters – but cities are facing it almost entirely alone
On yet another day of roasting heat in Phoenix, elderly and homeless people scurry between shards of shade in search of respite at the Marcos De Niza Senior Center. Along with several dozen other institutions in the city, it has been set up as a cooling centre: a free public refuge, with air conditioning, chilled bottled water, boardgames and books. Last summer a record 155 people died in Phoenix from excess heat, and the city is straining to avoid a repeat.
James Sanders, an 83-year-old who goes by King, has lived in the city for 60 years and considers himself acclimatised to the baking south Arizona sun. “It does seem hotter than it used to be, though,” he says as he picks at his lunch, the temperature having climbed to 42C (107F) outside. “Maybe it’s my age. Maybe the wind isn’t blowing. It can’t get much hotter than this though. Can it?”
There's a point where the human body can’t cool itself, which means you are either in an air-conditioned space or you're having serious health problems
We encounter this feeling … that perhaps once you’ve acclimated to the weather, you’re no longer as vulnerable. Obviously, that’s not true

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