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Immune system: The body's street sweepers

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The list of tasks performed by the smallest blood cells known as platelets has now been extended by new research. At sites of infection, actively migrating platelets sweep bacteria into aggregates for disposal by phagocytic cells, scientists have discovered.

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Wound scanner shows bacteria glowing if your body is infected

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The machine, called MolecuLight i:X, picks up molecules that glow in bacteria, giving surgeons an at-a-glance indication as to whether infection is present

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Incredible Technique To Clean The Tiles Of The Bath 1000 Times More Powerful Than Chlorine

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Cleaning the bathroom can be an unpleasant task, a task that most of us simply do not enjoy. But regardless of what we enjoy or not, we have to take time once or twice a week to clean the bathroom and tiles not only to make them shiny, but to eliminate the bacteria and germs ...]

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Potato blight’s chemical attack mechanism explained

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Researchers have deciphered the workings of a cytolytic toxin, which is produced by some of the world’s most devastating crop diseases. The Cytolysin is manufactured by pathogens such as bacteria and fungi and can wipe out entire harvests if chemical protection is not used.


Atypical pneumonia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

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Learn about the bacteria most commonly responsible for atypical pneumonia, as well as how it spreads and how to prevent infection.

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Half of all seniors who went to doctor for common cold prescribed unnecessary antibiotics

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Nearly one in two seniors in Ontario who visited a family doctor for a non-bacterial infection received an unnecessary antibiotic prescription, according to a new study from the Institute for...

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No, aliens aren’t lurking on the International Space Station

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History tells us that earthly contamination is by far the most likely explanation for “extraterrestrial” bacteria found on the ISS hull, says Geraint Lewis

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Skin bacteria could protect against disease

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There are more and more examples of the ways in which we can benefit from our bacteria. According to new research, this is true for the skin as well. The work has shown that the most common bacteria on human skin secrete a protein which protects us from the reactive oxygen species thought to contribute to several skin diseases. The protein has an equally strong effect on dangerous oxygen species as known antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

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Our personal skin microbiome is surprisingly stable

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Despite regular washing and contact with bacteria-laden objects, our personal milieu of skin microbes remains highly stable over time, reports a metagenomics study. The authors say this knowledge could be applied to better understand a wide range of human skin disorders through the development of prebiotic, probiotic, and microbial transplantation approaches.

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