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Top geneticist calls for global rules for ethical human genome editing

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Following the shock announcement of the world's first genome-edited babies, geneticist Robin Lovell-Badge says the world must agree a set of safety protocols

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CRISPR explained: The revolutionary tool that’s transforming genetic engineering

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Everything you need to know about the gene-editing breakthrough that one day could cure disease, eradicate species and build designer babies.

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Carmen Sandiego's Gina Rodriguez Says She Still Owns Beanie Babies

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Gina Rodriguez, NetflixRemember when it was the 90s and we were all collecting Beanie Babies with a dream in our hearts that someday, they'd make us rich? That dream never did come true, but Gina Rodriguez,...

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Epigenetic change causes fruit fly babies to inherit diet-induced heart disease

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Scientists have identified an epigenetic marker and two genes that caused heart failure in the children and grandchildren of fruit flies with high-fat-diet-induced heart dysfunction. Reversing the epigenetic modification or over-expressing the two genes protected subsequent generations from the negative heart effects of their parents' diet.

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Researcher who created gene-edited babies has been fired

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He Jiankui has been dismissed by the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen after a preliminary investigation by provincial authorities

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Scientist who helped create first gene-edited babies fired by university

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He Jiankui evaded supervision of his work and violated research norms because he wanted to be famous — and could face prosecution for using CRISPR technology, authorities said


Gene-edited babies are unethical and unlawful, says Chinese investigation

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Investigations into He Jiankui's gene-editing experiments reveal he breached ethical and regulatory principles seeking "personal fame and gain".

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Is this rash baby acne or eczema?

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Baby acne and eczema are two skin conditions that commonly affect young babies. In this article, we look at their similarities and how to tell them apart. We also cover treatment options and when to see a doctor.

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Babies born at home have more diverse, beneficial bacteria, study finds

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Infants born at home have more diverse bacteria in their guts and feces, which may affect their developing immunity and metabolism, according to a new study.

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