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What to know about babies and cold sores

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Cold sores are not common in newborns or babies. However, if a baby does catch the cold sore virus, called herpes simplex, it can be very dangerous. People with cold sores should avoid kissing babies or sharing towels or bedding. Learn about the causes, complications, and treatment of cold sores in babies here.

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Chinese vaccine maker made 500,000 substandard baby vaccines: Xinhua

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A Chinese drug company produced nearly 500,000 substandard vaccines for babies, roughly double an earlier estimate by authorities investigating a safety scandal, state news agency Xinhua reported on Wednesday.

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Just a few drinks during pregnancy might be enough to lower future IQ

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Occasional drinking during pregnancy may affect IQ, according to a study that tested newborn babies’ faeces to see if their mothers had consumed alcohol

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First evidence that gut bacteria help wire young brains

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Experiments in mice have shown for the first time that bacteria found in the gut of babies and children seem to play a role in brain development

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Parents of premature babies face a further trauma - PTSD

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There is a lack of psychological support for parents in neonatal units, a charity says.

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Babies in strollers can be exposed to more than twice as much pollution than adults

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Babies in strollers or prams can be exposed to up to 60 percent more pollution than their parents, causing potential damage to their frontal lobe and impacting on their cognitive abilities and brain development.

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Beyoncé's Three Kids Make Cameos in a Behind-the-Scenes Vogue Video

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Quiet on set! Beyoncé's babies have arrived. It was a day of family fun for the Vogue cover star when it came time to shoot her highly anticipated September spread. According to...


Babies in prams 'exposed to more pollution'

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Infants in prams can be exposed to up to 60% more pollution than adults, a study finds.

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Bethenny Frankel Cries at Boyfriend Dennis Shields' Funeral

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10:07 AM PT -- Bethenny just posted a photo of Dennis lying beside her dog, Cookie, with a farewell message to both, saying ... "Rest In Peace my sweet babies who gave me endless unconditional love." Cookie died late last year after suffering a...


Sorry, Mom and Dad, Toys Cannot Supercharge Your Baby

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Hundreds of toys promise to help babies read, learn, do math and walk earlier than expected—many without scientific backing

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