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Autism linked to egg cells' difficulty creating large proteins

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New work reveals that the genetic factors underlying fragile X syndrome, and potentially from other autism-related disorders, stem from defects in the cell's ability to create unusually large protein structures. They found that mutations in the gene Fmr1 create problems in the and the reproductive system. They can lead to the most-common form of inherited autism, fragile X syndrome, as well as to premature ovarian failure.

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Key protein involved in the development of autism discovered

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The protein CPEB4, which coordinates the expression of hundreds of genes required for neuronal activity, is altered in the brains of individuals with autism, according to new research.

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Ecstasy-like drugs might relieve social difficulties in autism

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Mouse studies hint that social difficulties in autism might be caused by faulty serotonin signalling in the brain and can be helped with serotonin-boosting drugs

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First biomarker evidence of DDT-autism link

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A study of more than 1 million pregnancies in Finland reports that elevated levels of a metabolite of the banned insecticide DDT in the blood of pregnant women are linked to increased risk for autism in the offspring. The study is the first to connect an insecticide with risk for autism using maternal biomarkers of exposure.

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Exposure to insecticide DDT linked to having a child with autism

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Although DDT has been banned for decades in many countries, exposure to its breakdown products may be influencing whether mothers have autistic babies

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Google Glass app uses emojis to help children with autism read faces

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Many children with autism find it hard to decipher other people’s facial expressions. An interactive system that uses Google Glass may help

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Autism can bring extra abilities and now we’re finding out why

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Many strengths and difficulties associated with autism stem from the same thing, says Anna Remington, who researches questions autistic people are asking

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Whooping cough vaccine given to pregnant women does not increase risk of autism in children, study shows

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New research has shown that a common childhood vaccination given to pregnant women does not put their children at any increased risk of autism.
A Kaiser Permanente study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics found no association between the prenatal Tdap (for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis,...


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