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First glimpse of how genes may cause mental health problems

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Geneticists are starting to unpick what causes psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and even some autism-like developmental conditions

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Could interneuron migration explain macrocephaly?

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Researchers have discovered a new crosstalk between the migrating inhibitory interneurons and the stem cells that generate the excitatory neurons. The researchers discovered that this cellular dialogue controls the growth of the cerebral cortex and that its impairment leads a cortical malformation previously associated with autism in mice.

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Blood and urine tests developed to indicate autism in children

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New blood and urine tests which search for damage to proteins could lead to earlier detection of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and consequently children with autism could be given appropriate treatment much earlier in their lives. ASDs are defined as developmental disorders mainly affecting social interaction and they can include a wide spectrum of behavioral problems. These include speech disturbances, repetitive and/or compulsive behavior, hyperactivity, anxiety, and difficulty to adapt to new environments, some with or without cognitive impairment.

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Autism: Scientists take 'first steps' towards biological test

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Differences were found in blood proteins between children with and without autism, a study says.


Blood, urine test could detect autism

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Scientists have developed a blood and urine test that can detect autism in children.


Numerous missed opportunities to alter Florida shooter's path, records show

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Instead of helping an obviously troubled youth diagnosed with depression, autism and ADHD, authorities allowed him to languish unchecked.


Antidepressant use in pregnant women linked to small increase in autism

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A new study found that antidepressant medications taken during pregnancy may be linked to the development of autism in children - although the effect appears to be limited.


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