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Success of blood test for autism affirmed

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One year after researchers published their work on a physiological test for autism, a follow-up study confirms its exceptional success in assessing whether a child is on the autism spectrum.

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Tackling bullying could help reduce depression in autistic teens

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Teenagers with difficulties in social communication, including autism, have higher rates of depressive symptoms, especially if they are being bullied.

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Scientists learn more about how gene linked to autism affects brain

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New preclinical research shows a gene already linked to a subset of people with autism spectrum disorder is critical to healthy neuronal connections in the developing brain, and its loss can harm those connections to help fuel the complex developmental condition. Scientists report their data clarify the biological role of the gene CHD8 and its protein CHD8 in developing oligodendrocytes, cells that form a protective insulation around nerves.

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Was Autism a Nazi Invention?

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In “Asperger’s Children,” Edith Sheffer explores the roots of autism, first diagnosed in Nazi Germany as the regime engaged in a program of child euthanasia.

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This autistic boy's classmates had never heard him speak. What he finally said at graduation blew them away.

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Sef Scott surprised even his own family when he stood up to address his senior class.

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Online information on vaccines and autism not always reliable

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Google search results in several countries can provide unreliable information based on old, 'weak' scientific studies. Researchers analyzing the top 200 websites in a search for 'vaccines autism' found that 10-24 percent had a negative stance on vaccines, which can potentially impact on public health.

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Two Mothers Open Up About What Happens When Kids With Autism Grow Up

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Moms from Los Angeles and small-town Indiana share their parenting journeys.

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