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UFO Hunter Discovers Tunnel On The Moon? Photo From Apollo 15 Goes Viral

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A picture taken of the moon's surface decades ago by Apollo 15 has gone under the microscope recently, and it appears to have an artificial structure protruding from the surface. A UFO hunter has deemed this structure a possible entrance to an underground passageway.
This armchair explorer suggests that this structure might have been built by some alien culture. Fox & Friends Weekend showed this picture and reported on what this UFO hunter believes he sees in this image during their Saturday morning show. This picture has piqued the interest of UFO enthusiasts today.
Tyler Glockner is the founder of a UFO hunting website called, Secure Team 10. He studies the different clips and pictures released by NASA, as well as images of the Earth available from Google Earth. NASA's images include many of Mars, the moon, asteroids, and all of the dark space in between where their journeys have taken them so far.


How to use MAME emulator to cure computer game nostalgia

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Every once in a while, we get a question about those old games that were once the bleeding edge of entertainment in arcades and bars. Invariably from someone who played them and misses them—not from the current generation of cell-phone gaming addicts.
But even if you’re the latter, you might want to see how your parents amused themselves in the days when Pong, Asteroids, and Galaxian were the height of gaming technology. You can easily do so right on your PC. Adventurous programmers have long sharpened their skills by writing emulators for a vast array of computers, game machines, and gaming consoles. For the last decade or so, however, the big project has been MAME.


Make Mars Livable with Asteroids: Researchers Propose Terraforming Plan

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A new plan for the "terraformation" of Mars has been scripted by a research team – a blueprint for the red planet to terraform a site on Mars in 2036.


Mars Trojans may be part of a planet that was destroyed long ago

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Nine asteroids that trail the Red Planet contain a material usually only formed in the mantle of rocky planets

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Death by Asteroid: The Most Likely Ways for a Space Rock to Kill You

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If an asteroid strike kills you, it will probably do so with powerful winds and/or shock waves.


A direct hit from a large asteroid wouldn't be pretty

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A major asteroid safely passed us this week. Whew! Had it made impact it could have been just as bad as in a Hollywood movie.

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Asteroid Misses Earth Narrowly, by Cosmic Standards

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The asteroid, 2014 JO25, which is approximately 2,000 feet end-to-end, was about 1.1 million miles away when it passed by on Wednesday morning.

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