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Saks Fifth Avenue to stop selling animal fur products

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Saks Fifth Avenue says it will stop selling animal fur products by the end of the 2022 fiscal year both online and in stores.

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How to make animated Picrew avatars of yourself like everyone's doing on TikTok now

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Grab a friend and try out this new Picrew avatar craze to see how they think you look.

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Animals with weird neurons may rewrite the story of brain evolution

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The neurons of comb jellies are a peculiar shape and use chemicals not found in the brains of other animals – hinting they might have evolved independently of other neurons

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The Best Animation of 2021 (So Far)

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New twists on classic characters and the looming end of a definitive anime kick off a year shaping up to be a big one in contemporary cartoon history.

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Animal culture is so common that even fish and flies have it

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Culture was once thought to be restricted to humans, then it was shown in apes and whales – now we are finding evidence of it throughout the animal kingdom

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Totoro House / CplusC Architectural Workshop

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Three decades ago, Studio Ghibli’s animated fantasy My Neighbor Totoro taught us about the importance of relationships; with family, friends, and nature. Similarly, the concept of Totoro House is heavily inspired by the strong family bond of the clients, the connection between its occupants and relationship to landscape.

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'Bug brain soup' expands menu for scientists studying animal brains

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By mashing up brains from various insect species, neuroscientists introduce a practical technique for quantifying the neurons that make up the brains of invertebrate animals. In addition to revealing interesting insights into the evolution of insect brains, the work provides a more meaningful metric than traditional studies measuring brain size or weight.

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Gorillas do not bluff when they chest beat: Honest signalling indicates body size

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The gorilla chest beat is one of the most emblematic sounds in the animal kingdom. However, until recently it was unclear what information gorillas were conveying when they gave these impressive displays. A team of international researchers show that chest beats reliably indicate the body size of the chest beater. Body size indicates competitive ability in gorillas. Therefore this information is likely to be crucial for rival males as well as females in influencing mate choice.

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Dogs act jealously even when they don't see their rival

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Dogs are one of humanity's most-beloved animal companions. They share our homes and seem to reciprocate our affections. But could this emotional bond extend into feelings of jealousy? To help answer that question, a team of researchers gauged the reactions of a group of dogs when their owners appeared to shower attention on a perceived rival.

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