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Aphantasia: Ex-Pixar chief Ed Catmull says 'my mind's eye is blind'

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Ed Catmull has aphantasia, as do some of the world's best animators at Pixar.

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Hiker discovers cute 'abandoned puppy,' gets big surprise

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A hiker in Southern California thought he had found an abandoned puppy in a canyon recently. The cute animal, however, was not all that it seemed.

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Group decisions: When more information isn't necessarily better

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Modular -- or cliquey -- group structure isolates the flow of communication between individuals, which might seem counterproductive to survival. But for some animal groups, formation isn't necessarily better, according to new research.

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A bad bout of flu triggers 'taste bud cells' to grow in the lungs

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When researchers examined mice that had recovered from severe influenza, they came upon a surprising discovery: Taste bud cells had grown in the animals' lungs. The team believes the cells may play a role in immunity.

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Tiger attacks Kansas zoo keeper after 'error' brought two together

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A rare Sumatran tiger attacked a worker at the Topeka Zoo in Kansas on Saturday, wounding the back of her head and neck before other staff members were able to coax the animal away with food, officials said.

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Spread of cancers halted by smart bacteria that trigger immune attack

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In tests in animals, injecting genetically modified bacteria shrank tumours and triggered a strong immune response that prevented cancers spreading

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New skin test detects prion infection before symptoms appear

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Prions can infect both humans and animals, causing Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans, mad cow disease in cattle, and chronic wasting disease in elk and deer. The infectious, misfolded protein particles often go undetected as they destroy brain tissue, causing memory loss, mobility issues, and ultimately death. Preclinical detection of prions has proven difficult, but new research suggests skin samples hold early signs of prion disease that precede neurologic symptoms.

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Study points to barriers to biologic treatments for some patients with psoriasis

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In the first known study to examine the prevalence and treatment of psoriasis in older Americans, experts have found that black patients receiving Medicare are less likely to receive biologic therapies -medications derived from human or animal cells or tissues -- for the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis than white patients.

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AIs go up against animals in an epic competition to test intelligence

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AIs have some superhuman abilities, but just how clever are they overall? To find out, a new competition will adapt tests used to study animals

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