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Incredibles 2 Pulls in a Heroic $180 Million, Giving It the Biggest Animated Debut of All Time

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Combining America’s love of superhero movies, Pixar movies and sitting in a dark air conditioned room when it’s hot outside has really paid off for Incredibles 2. The long-awaited sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles reportedly earned approximately $180 million at the domestic box office, giving it the biggest animated film ...


'Incredibles 2' sets record for animated film

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14 years after the original, Pixar plus superheroes add up box office gold.

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God of War Deleted Scene and Animation Strategy Revealed

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The makers of God of War recently went into detail about the intricacies and planning of the projects industry-leading animations.


Wolf-Like Animal Shot By Montana Rancher, Wildlife Experts Baffled By Strange, Lupine Creature

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A shadowy species of furry, sharp-toothed wolf-like animals may be lurking in the Montana woods. Near a ranch outside Denton, a was killed on May 16 and wildlife authorities have no clue what it is.
According to a Great Falls Tribune report, the strange animal does have some features of an ordinary wolf, such as a large head, extended snout, and long gray fur. However, other body parts, like the unusually large ears and short legs, seem to belong to something else.
"We have no idea what this was until we get a DNA report back," said Bruce Auchly, information manager for .
After posting images of the lupine creature on social media, speculation about what the wolf-like animal could be ranged from being a starving grizzly cub to the prehistoric and now-extinct "dire wolf." Some believe it is a mysterious "crypto-canid species" named "Dogman" that conspiracy theorists believe is wandering the forests around North America.


'Incredibles 2' shatters animation box office record

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"Incredibles 2" flexed its muscles at the box office this weekend.


New Footage From The Curiosity Rover Reveals Mysterious ‘Figure Spotted Moving’ On Mars, Claims Secureteam10

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NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover has recently released a new batch of photos taken from its current location in the Martian Gale Crater. The images were posted online by the in Pasadena, California, which designed and built the Mars rover and is now managing the robot's mission on the Red Planet.
The snapshots were taken by the rover's Front Hazcam on Sol 2080, or June 13, and reveal a bizarre blurred shape that appears to be moving on Mars, reports the .
The British news outlet cites the claims made by conspiracy theorists, who suggest that the mysterious object could be proof of life on Mars and that its perceived movement resembles that of an animal running across the red dirt on the planet's surface.
These allegations are being made particularly by the "Secureteam10" YouTube channel, which uploaded a video playing the Curiosity rover images side by side.


Yellow fever: A new method for testing vaccine safety

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Scientists have recently developed a novel alternative method to animal testing that can be used to verify the safety of vaccines such as the yellow fever vaccine.

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Bees understand the concept of zero

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Scientists have discovered honeybees can understand the concept of zero, putting them in an elite club of clever animals that can grasp the abstract mathematical notion of nothing.


Probe into farm animals could help treat drug-resistant bacteria

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Growing threats to public health could be addressed by cutting-edge research that reveals how farm animals contribute to the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, a study suggests.

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